What are some good sites to find freelance project management and training gigs?

What are some places to find freelance project management and corporate training work? We have used Catalant and Upwork but have yet to book anything through those sites. Most of our work comes from word of mouth and referrals.

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Hi Robert, and let me echo Amara's comments...and add a few more. Most impressive to me was that you have 90 reviews/recommendations on LinkedIn - so your services have made a lot of people happy! I am not familiar with Catalant, but I use Upwork frequently in my business, and I would encourage you to NOT consider that where quality work at high pay will come from. Your challenge, I believe, is to get very focused on what problem(s) you solve for your clients (EXACTLY) and what is it costing them to not solve it. Then, why should they hire YOU to help?

Some tactics to consider:
Call 5 former clients each day (or, once a week) and just check in. At the end of the call, tell them what kind of work you are looking for and ask them who you should be talking to. Use those exact words.

Have a monthly or weekly newsletter with a great bio and value propositions statement (what we do), and send it to your list.

Two other great resources: National Speaker's Association is about the business of speaking - a great way to get in front of prospects and raise your profile as a thought leader and valued consultant. I am incoming president of the NE Chapter. I know NYC has a chapter. Check out the national website to see if there's a chapter near you. We had a speaker at our meeting this past Saturday: Donna Serdula (www.linkedin-makeover.com) her advice on using Linkedin for new business might be very helpful for you. She has a new Dummies book that just came out, and there's a lot of info at her site.

Hope this helps!
Marilee Driscoll

Such wonderful ideas using Linkedin. Thank you for contributing to this thread!


Robert, that is a great problem to have, so you need to leverage it.
I have found that those sites can take time to prospect and find projects, as opposed to going:
- right to your current clients and asking who they know that can use you
- right to your network of colleagues and peers and asking them the same
- actively contribute to LI groups by providing your expertise, then seek out your target client and reach out.


Hi Robert,

You background is impressive! Aside from LinkedIn (which might be a good resource for corporate gigs) and mosaicHUB, have you looked into AngelList? You can post and seek jobs from approximately 60,000 startups: http://angel.co Once you fill out your profile the site will email you with relevant openings.

Thanks Amara! I signed up for angel.co and am exploring now.


I don't consult any more, but when I did networking through LinkedIn and coworkers on projects were my best sources of information for upcoming opportunities. Find and follow recruiters in your specialty, and keep in touch with them to let them know when you will be looking for your next opportunity. I also suggest finding groups where there aren't recruiters involved so that you can get honest feedback about a recruiting firm or project opportunity. (I use Facebook for this, but it wouldn't have to be there.)


I would be happy to help you if you need a freelance PM.

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