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What are the basic steps to take for staffing a startup?

I want to start a handyman business. How do I gather commited workers who know there is no funds and only get paid after a job? More like contract staffing who believe in the same vision I have.

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Do qualitative interviews to discover people who are hungry for work and willing to do work for quality. Build up a team of freelancers before you need them, and it will end up resulting in having more resources than you need now, but it will prepare you for the business growth later.


If there's one thing that can give any business owner a headache, it's staffing. Soothe your clients' pain by finding and placing the best employees for their needs.

Here is the post https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/37932 have further details.


Patrick have you thought about outsourcing the employment.
No worries about hiring, training, computers, desks, employees insurance, taxes, etc, etc.
Just concentrate on doing your business and let outsourcing take care of the business.
Please look into A2Boutsourcing .com
more info: contact tariq@a2boutsourcing.com


Everyone needs a startups for the initial of any business. Thus, startups plays a very crucial role in the overall development of any business.

Thinking of starting an online business….? You need Online Business Ideas that can help in setting up the new business.

Nowadays with the advancement of technology and ecommerce, everything has gone online whether it is education, shopping, tickets booking, travel and a lot more.

Everything has gone online. People can also prefer the online mode rather than go offline. In a very fast lane of life and advancement in technology, no one has enough time to go market or needs place, spend a plenty of precious time of hours, standing in a queue and waiting for the turn.

Online Business platform offers a variety of options to all the customers for their needs and wants. People would prefer online shopping accordingly anytime, anywhere and whenever they want to.

Main five things to remember when starting a company:

1.Own your name

2.Get in with the law

3.How much do you need to live?

4.Where are you in your life?

5.Don’t over -- or under -- spend

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