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Anonymous User

What are the best celebrity management/agencies to connect with celebrities and entertainers?

I'm a Leadership Expert: and I mostly work with CEO's, Public figures & Entrepreneurs. I also have worked with some celebrities here in the UK and I now want to work with entertainers in the USA, but I do not have any direct contacts in the States. Does anyone have any personal contacts or recommendations of people to connect with in this area?

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CAA - http://www.caa.com
WME - http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/lebron-james-signs-wme-hollywood-698391
UTA - http://www.unitedtalent.com

Paradigm - http://www.paradigmagency.com
ICM - http://www.icmpartners.com
WSM - http://www.wassermanglobal.com

You can PM me for connections depending on which one you want. Most of my friends that work at those types of places are SOOO busy that they don't really have time to talk to people they don't know personally to be honest. They just do their job and don't have much free time.

Most top celebrity management agencies have connections Globally. I would work your UK connections and see if they have connections in the US.

Good luck!

Anonymous User

Good points Seth, I've sent you a PM, Luke


I have good friends in LA / NYC in the States that own talent / modeling / celebrity / etc management companies. Please message me directly so we can find out more about each other and what your expectations are. Thank you. Dave Cochran, Cochran Edwards Capital Partners, Seattle-LA-NYC


I've worked with Flying Television. They are agency based out of New York and have offices in LA. Lori Levine is the president of the company. They are great to know and I highly recommend connecting with them www.flyingtelevision.com

Anonymous User

William Morris Endeavor - Formally the William Morris agency is premier. The sports unions are another avenue. You would have to have a very compelling reason that your services would be so critical that any of these entities would endorse or introduce you.

Anonymous User

Hi everyone,i see a few interesting informations here.I have a very special project and i need a manager who can help me/us to gain international recognition and ''celebrity'' and all that comes with this.Primary target for my business would be the USA,UAE and Western Europe.The financial potential of the project is very high so i need a person or company who can handle this type of business.For more details pm me...Thanks

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