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What are the best monetization strategies for an online magazine?

I'm currently in the process of designing an online magazine that will mostly publish articles, news items, and other content in the areas of tech and business.

I know it's too early to start monetization without first amassing an audience but are there things I can do during these early stages to set the site up for financial success in future?

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Anonymous User

Hello! Read this article: https://roobykon.com/blog/posts/53-online-payment-tools-5-of-the-best-for-your-marketplace It can be useful for you :)

Very resourceful. Thanks!


Adsense is the best way to monetize your website. You can also try affiliate marketing or direct advertisement if you have quality site.


Anonymous User

Create some form of subscription-based model, and make the subscriptions via Paypal at a relatively small amount so subscribers aren't put off, and probably won't cancel it. But you need to give them valuable content... go take a look at some of the large publishers who now offer a pay-wall and see how they pitch the subscription USPs, benefits and features.

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