What is the best project management software?

I am looking for some good project management software recommendations for my start-up company.

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There are a number of project management software available online. I will list few good PM software keeping small business in mind but again it depends on the type of organization/company you have.

1. Smart-sheet: Good for project and task management with cloud storage.
2. Zoho: Good for CRM based projects.
3. Podio: Good PM tool for a small startup at a lesser price.

Some free project manager tools are Notion and Trello.

Apart from a PM software, you can use PM templates in excel or MS project format for project management. You can get free project management templates at Techno-PM website.

I use Trello for my personal project work. It has many features, I like it. If you also need web hosting plans in an affordable offer, you can try this www.webhostingonedollar.com.


Project management software can help you work more efficiently, whatever the job. Some great project management software includes:

-Teamwork Projects
-Zoho Projects

You don’t want to select a project management tool that ends up taking more time to manage than doing the actual job. So choose wisely!


There are many online management software available like Basecamp, SmartSheets, Zoho etc . Some international companies also provide software for your enterprise . ICT Information System L.L.C is also one of the prime software companies providing E-Commerce solutions, ERP software, ERM solutions and all other corporate solutions. In short ICT Information System L.L.C. is ones overall enterprise necessity. Thus the site is worth watch. http://www.ictsystemsllc.com/our-product/


The importance of CRM for communicating with customers is very important and any more or less developed company understands this. In this case, the variants of CRM-systems can be very different: from home-grown self-written systems to bulky and slow CRM from large vendors. Small businesses and start-ups need a place for convenient storage of customer data, tools for forecasting and conducting marketing activities.

I use CliskUp in my work (Work in Marketing Department on a small company in Santa Barbara, CA).
In this system there are sync time tracking with Harvest, and send tasks to and from Slack. It is worth mentioning that this system has tools for tracking and maintaining email marketing companies, it can be integrated with any software to automate marketing activities.

She is very intuitive and familiar. The most frequently used tools can be stored on the desktop, and the rest is thoughtfully organized in the start menu. Thanks to this, you can always find everything you want in one click.

Also I have experience with HUBSPOT CRM. In general, it can boast of having entered more than 700 reviews of CRM-systems, and has excellent ratings on the functions of marketing automation, while the rating of email marketing reaches 90%

The cost of initial investment for the introduction of most platforms CRM can scare away and in some cases even be unaffordable for start-ups and small businesses. The CRM platforms described above enable small businesses to manage their leads and contacts without exceeding a modest budget.



Well, depends if you are looking for free or paid softwares. Trello for project management, Slack for communication and Toggle for tracking time?


Since I see project managers spending most of their non-meeting time in Word, Excel en Powerpoint, adding the "web-based" requirement means Google Doc or Office 365 are the right tools for them. The choice might depend on their mobile equipment and - of course - company standards.
Google Doc is free, Office 365 isn't.

What more would you need?

If some needed software isn't available on an iPad while a tablet is needed for the circumstances a laptop doesn't work (do such circumstances exist?), adding an Android or Windows tablet to the package might be a cheap and simple solution (say $200 a year, equivalent to a mere 2 hours for a free-lance project manager). BYOD is a luxury not all projects can afford.



Trello is best for this task.

Anonymous User

Project Management for the Enterprise: Built on a secure, scalable platform, Clarizen brings together project management, configurable workflow automation and in-context collaborationall from an intuitive interface that allows everyone to work the way they work best.


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Depending on the sophistication of the software, it can manage estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, decision-making, quality management and documentation or administration systems.


This is the information I am looking for. This article is clear and easy to understand. I'm learning more about this. Hope you bring more things related to it. Thanks a lot!


It's hard to say which one is the best because there's such a great variety now for this software and every type has its pros and cons. Considering the best one that is most suitable for your company will depend on your specifications. I really recommend you answer these questions first before making a choice. The answers will tell you what certain type of program you should look for.

1. How big is your budget and company?
2. From what certain inventory processes are you planning to start and what will you want to upgrade?
3. What system do you use now? Which ones can it be combined with successfully later?
4. What type of tracking for items do you want to use?
5. How many users will use this system?

Personally, from my own experience with a small business, I recommend such software as SmartSheet, Xero, Zoho, Lettuce, JumpStock, Retail Inventory, or Magento: https://marketplace.magento.com/amasty-module-multi-warehouse-inventory.html/inventory.html and Infoplus is a good one too.

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