What are the best project management softwares?

I am looking for some good project management software recommendations for my start-up company.

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There are n number of project management software available online.
I will list few good PM software keeping small business in mind but again it depends on type of organization/company you have.
1. Smart-sheet - Good for project and Task management with cloud storage
2. Zoho- Good for CRM based projects
3.Podio- Good PM tool for small start up with less price

Some Free PM tool-

Apart from these PM tool you can use PM templates in excel or MS project format for project management. You can get free project management templates at Techno-PM website.


Project management software can help you work more efficiently, whatever the job.
Some great project management softwares include
Teamwork Projects
Zoho Projects
You don’t want to select a project management tool that ends up taking more time to mange than doing the actual job. So choose wisely!

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Well, depends if you are looking for free or paid softwares. Trello for project management, Slack for communication and Toggle for tracking time?

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