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Anonymous User

What are the best ways to assess the well-being in companies with less than 10 employees?

I am working free of charge for a small charity (6 staff) and I need to find out ways to assess well-being in such a small company. Any ideas other than the usual online survey questions?

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As it is a small company, draft a standard set of questions targeting the output you want - not everything... and interview each one within a 20 minute time frame. This targeted and brief approach will ensure they give you their real concerns, versus having time to create what they think you want to hear. I do this often with my clients as I tell them 'truth sits on the surface'.. what comes up for someone first, is their truth, so don't exaggerate the time. Keep it short and sweet.


I would recommend carrying out a survey as a starting point, then running a focus group to probe further on the results from the survey. You could also meet with them all individually and ask the same structured questions of them all. In order to maintain confidentiality they could be numbered one to six. I hope this helps.


Measure their productivity as well as seek out a method to measure TRUST--- I would simply ask, "what can we do to put you in a better position to succeed?

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