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What are the best ways to economically improve our business outreach?

As a digital marketing strategist, I want to improve the outreach of my business and get to a bigger audience at as little cost as possible. How do I do that?

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Firstly, you shouldn't do what Nick just did.

Secondly, focusing on building your brand online and offline is the best way to improve your business outreach. It can be done through:

Other social media channels
Official website
Advertising and promotion
Offline efforts
Media reach

We recently planned a blog post that shares 100 tips and ideas to improve brand reach online and offline. Here is the link to the post, http://www.upreports.com/blog/build-brand-identity-online-100-tips-ideas/

Most of the ideas mentioned in the post can be implemented without much technical help. All they require is time. I hope this helps. I think you will also find our case studies and success stories helpful, http://www.upreports.com/free-reports.html

Please reach out at varun@upreports.com in case of queries or help. Take care!


Hi, I would like to offer a different perspective for your consideration.
I believe in magnetizing your business to the degree that people can't help but talk about it.
Yes have your obvious platforms in place, but ask yourself, how can I add super value, above and beyond
the obvious. This way you eliminate competition because you are adding way more value that only you
are aware of.

Now this does not mean giving away things for free. It means understanding your market super well
and treating them in a way that makes them feel really special. This goes beyond
discounts and special offers.

you're thinking beyond the obvious


Since you mention 'outreach', I assume you are not looking at marketing and are instead looking at advertising and sales. There are a number of ways to do this.

1. Trade shows - Visit trade shows that are relevant to your industry. The entry fee for visitors is quite nominal and it gives you a chance to meet and network with the decision makers from various businesses you are reaching out to. Networking with a lot of prospects may not be feasible within the event hours. So it's a good idea to gather email/phone numbers of the decision makers and reach out to them after the event is over.

2. Advertising - Google Adwords can be expensive. Try Bing Ads - they are often much cheaper and the conversions are equally good. You can also look at advertising through the content network of both these platforms as well as on Facebook. This works really well if your margins are high.

3. Cold outreach - Cold emails and calls are frowned upon because of the spammy nature of this. But whether you like it or not, cold outreach is exactly how 99% of business transactions take place. Do not try to trick the system through bulk outreaches - those are the spammy types. Reach out to every individual personally and you should be fine most of the time. Finding a phone number of email address can be tricky, but there are tools to help you here.

Emails : Free tools like this one: http://emailfinder.digitalauthority.org/

Phone numbers: Not many free tools, but you can check out services like FullContact, Discover.org or RingDNA


Now we are in the end of 2017, this year we have seen a lot of changes in education, business, technology, politics, entertainment and whatnot! When it comes to the business, for every second three new startups are launching worldwide which means 25,9200 per day and 11000 per hour. This is how, new businesses are progressing rapidly and in order to compete with all such business you need to plan for a strategies and one of the strategy is having an explainer video for your business.

Because, Videos are progressing rapidly, when it comes to business- we know videos as ads. From , the last few years businesses are investing more on videos to make an online presence of their business. But now it is not in form of ads, the current trend videos for business are Explainer video.


Video marketing is the best choice these days to improve the business and branding as well.

Many corporate companies and startups preferred to create quality videos about their services and products so that they believe their business would reach sky level.

We, at Village Talkies, perform video production and animation services to all kinds of clients as per their requirements at a favorable price. For more details, you can visit https://www.villagetalkies.com/ or contact us at info@villagetalkies.com.

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