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What are career path options in the digital marketing industry?

I'm planning to do a digital marketing course in Calicut. If anyone knows what some good career options are for digital marketing, please leave a comment below.

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There are several career paths options in digital marketing:

Copywriter, Content Manager, Head of Content, Social Media Manager, Social Media Executive, Online/Display/Advertising Manager, Online/Display/Advertising Executive, Digital Marketing Manager, Head of Digital, SEO Executive, SEO Manager, Head of Paid Search/Media, PPC Manager, PPC Executive, Head of Affiliates/Online Partnerships, Affiliates/Partnership Manager, Affiliates Executive, etc.

Hope this helps.


Nowadays the competition is growing. A lot of new and old businesses want to promote their products and services online. Because of this, the competition of online market is growing day by day and entrepreneurs are searching for a Digital Marketing person to promote their products and services online. According to this, the future of Digital Marketing should be very bright.


The future of any enterprise to withstand in the era of digitalization is to get into the online world. The influence of digitalization and smart living has evolved at a pace marking the replacement of the traditional televisions with “digital media,” and therefore the future of the web is not digital marketing but marketing.Many small and medium companies, multinational companies are on the look-out of trained and certified professionals. As it is in few in number, digital marketing experts are on high demand and they are eligible for best packages in the industry. Building a career in digital marketing not only opens up numerous opportunities, but you can be your own boss and earn extra income with freelance digital marketing consultation. Moreover, you can also say goodbye to the traditional 12-hour round the clock jobs and establish yourself as a digital marketing expert. You can even start your own business over the internet and turn your passion into the profession.


You can start by interning at a Digital Agency so that you get to experience different roles. Within a few months, you will be in a position to choose one thing that you want to specialize in.



Being in the digital marketing industry for 10 years now, I can suggest you be a master of Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. The idea is to spend some years mastering the general activities of SEO/PPC and email marketing. You can also build your own website and do its optimization so that you'll get a hang of the general campaigns and activities, and the working knowledge of the digital marketing world. I did the same with my website, http://infomaticaacademy.com/.


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