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How do you create a high performance culture?

What key factors are involved in managing the performance of an organizational culture? Does your organizational culture support the accomplishment of your business goals?

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Well, the most important factor in my opinion is implementing an effective and innovative management process. You want to have a process that develops a transparent reward system. You want to create and define expectations for each individual in the company, each department, and the organization as a whole. Set up a KPI system that gives you the differences between what is high and low performing.

It's important to develop a customer strategy that clearly defines who you are a an organization to the customer. This involves having a customer strategy that connects your organization by brand, mission, purpose, and individuals with your customers and your community. If you don't already, put in place a mission for your organization and make sure your employees understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. What accomplishments you hope to face as an organization.

You want to engage with authority. Not only in the perspective of a leader, but as an industry leader. Recognition and responsiveness to changes in the market are very important. Allow your employees to communicate their perspectives for innovative ideas and develop innovation to stay ahead of the curve.

Invest in your employees. You hired them, now you need to focus on them. Put together training and development materials. Make sure your talented employees know that they have the opportunity to grow with the organization.

My team and I are actually putting together a software right now that helps a lot with creating business culture. If you have any questions, let me know.


In my opinion, a high-performance culture is a result of two key ideas.

First you must create a culture of highly engaged, satisfied and loyal employees – which is the number one factor in creating highly engaged, satisfied and loyal customers. This means doing things like creating a fun atmosphere, where people are treated fairly, where they have the freedom to do their job without micro-management, they take pride in the organization, they considered the people they work with friends and they get some sort of genuine, honest and sincere praise once every 7 to 10 days. In other words you have to create a great place to work – if you want to build a high performance culture.

But hand-in-hand with that, you must also create a culture of high accountability, where people keep their promises and deliver the required business results. To me, I think one of the most important things to do here is to set very clear, specific, binary and measurable expectations – gain agreement on those expectations - and then hold people 100% accountable for always meeting or exceeding the standard of excellence you have set for the organization. When they do you celebrate success lavishly, when they don't you deal decisively with mediocrity.

I hope these ideas help you – John


You know it,you live it,you love it!...Short answer...


It should be team work, friendly environment and every week a small party so every one know each other and get some rest in his or her daily work life.


Performance of an organization culture can be managed by empowering the employees to execute their task and also encourage them to take necessary decision at their level of knowledge without keeping much barriers and bureaucracy. Continuous engagement with employees is also key to ensure the concerns are heard and actionised as applicable. Transferring the ownership of delivery and implementation back to all involved will definitely drive accomplishment of business goal

Anonymous User

1. If possible: don´t try to create it. Instead select and hire only the people with the right mindset. Saves you a lot of time and effort.
As for selection criteria: you need people who are both self-motivated and skilled to do to job.
If people lack motivation: help them find another job.
If people are motivated but lack the skills, then teach them. If they succeed it will be great for both, if they aren't able to learn then help them find another job.

2. To manage the culture, see the answers of the others. And just make sure you don't use bonuses because those tend to do the opposite of what you want them to do (in 99% of the companies).

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