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What are the main strategies for small web development in 2018?

Has anyone any idea about what strategies we should implement in our start-up web development brand?

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There are alot of ways to get business.

Email marketing and cold emailing are the best way. You target areas and get the information of business owners in that area and email them about your offers.

PPC is another way to get business in 2018. Some people say PPC cost alot. But it's not if you doing it right way. Always target low cost keywords.

And the best way of all time is SEO, rank your own site on various keywords and get business.

Let me know if you have anything to get answer. Thanks

Thanks for reply; I am agree that PPC is not budget friendly at all. Ant small business can not afford in paid campaign. Social mdia is good but our competitors use paid campaign in facebook,twitter also. So they are moving one step ahead from us. Kindly reply .

Anonymous User

On page SEO
Off-page SEO
are the basic and main strategy for small web development in 2018.

if you need more help, being the top Orange County Web Design Company, 1EZ Consulting can help you more in this regard. Visit to know more.

Anonymous User

In 2018, the focus will be on designing simple but powerful websites that are well optimized for mobile devices and heavily focused on user experience. These sites will feature new types of formats, styles and technologies. These wordpress construction themes https://www.templatemonster.com/category/construction-company-wordpress-themes/ are pretty suitable for web design trends 2018


We are into the same business in New Delhi, India.

Presently, for development agency valuation of services is at rock bottom, 2018 I am expecting some improvement. But, we have to be very conscious with our costing part like outsourcing development work etc. Since last two years we are reducing development cost by optimizing work force utilization.

Are you maintaining web development company in India? Kindly let me know what types of services you are offering.

Please refer to our web site www.daphnislabs.com and portfolio:









Web design
Content is King
Digital assistants
Indexed pages and Sitemap
Page speed
Social media presence
paid advertising
Email marketing

- Spanish dictionary -


I think some cool small web design services will thrive in 2018. For example, I like using the help of the service from https://weblium.com for my business. They can build a great website according to all my requirements which I will then be able to edit myself using their cool drag-and-drop editor. Take a look there too, maybe you will like it. I think it is a very unique and nice service for any business


There are a lot of. I was developing my mobile software with https://shakuro.com/mobile-dev.html and they provide a lot of main points that must be done. They are web design, SEO, web development, software solutions etc.

This for me is the basis or foundation for web development. I wish there would be regular updates on the same. I have applied some on my website and you can be the judge of me --> http://www.carpetcleaningnv.com


You will need to use different strategies to develop your web brand.

The easiest and long-term solution is SEO. This is time-intensive and resourceful. However, long-term this is your best strategy. If you want fast results you could invest in paid media like Adwords or FB advertising.

I think this is an informative post and it is very useful and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed reading this post. Big fan, thank you!

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