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What are the top software development methodologies?

What are the top software development methodologies? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these?

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The methodology meant for software development is considered as a structure used for planning and controlling the procedure of creating a specialized information system. There are different methodologies in software development like Agile, Rapid Application Development, Prototype, Lean, etc. I came across this article which clearly explains 12 of the main software development methodologies in a simple, yet clear format: http://acodez.in/12-best-software-development-methodologies-pros-cons/


Agile & Scaled Agile are the popular ones at the moment. They are just forms of similar methodologies in the past. At the end of the day, common sense and pragmatism always win.


There are numerous software development methodologies such as Waterfall, Cleanroom, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Team Software Process (TSP), Personal Software Process, Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming (XP) and dozens of others. You can read about some of the most effective here.


Here are the few software development methodologies.

Dynamic system
Extreme methodology
Feature driven



Hi Alex,

Here's a post that provides list of theTop 15 Software Development Methodologies with advantages and disadvantages.

I hope it helps you. Let me know if you need any help.



The kind of the software development methodology you choose for your business project matters the most. If you make a mistake in doing it, you will end up with a project which is not satisfying and a developer’s team who are making continuous efforts in the wrong direction. Read more about our Artjoker method.


Well, Agile methodology is very popular now. But it really depends on where your client is and where your developers are located. It has some drawbacks you can find in my article about different software development methodologies: https://iphtechnologies.com/

Anonymous User

The world of software development is something that is limitless.

The simple tenacity of these procedures is to offer customized software development as per the requirements.

They are the best of the best, each one has its pros and cons.

1. Waterfall Model
2. Prototype Methodology
3. Agile Software Development Methodology
4. Rapid Application Development
5. Dynamic System Development Model Methodology
6. Spiral Model
7. Extreme Programming Methodology

It is the technique of creating useful software that adds value to the overall business procedure and creates ways for technical methodologies.

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