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What can I do to attract more clientèle?

I was posting frequently on Facebook but slowed down due to the upcoming policy changes. I also posted on LinkedIn to connect with individuals on my 'list' and utilize my company's tools in this regard. I have enlisted myself into Cathy Savage's business program in January and have been reading resources to learn how to network. I would love to hear what other advice business owners have in the meantime. Any advice?

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In my experience a website (with Blog), LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter provide a well-rounded digital marketing experience, but don't forget traditional marketing techniques.

Online Marketing Ideas: Blogging, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Media Marketing, Meetings & Webinars, Reviews & Testimonials, Search Engines, Social Media, Social Media Tools, Video, Website Monitoring.

Offline Marketing Ideas: Direct Mail, Event Marketing, Free Giveaways, In Person Branding, Networking, One-On-Ones, Public Speaking, Writing A Book.

Also, once you have a website, online directories can be a great addition to your current small business marketing strategy.

Finally, there is a website I often recommend that has annually been offering a list of 100 FREE Marketing Ideas. Check out www.100FreeMarketingIdeas.com.

- The Pragmatic Web Designer

I have exactly what you are talking about set up and in progress currently. I am still learning about it and have not been as consistent using it as I would like to be. It is one of my areas to improve upon. The only thing this site does not offer is a blog; the site is offered through the company I partnered with. I try to blog on facebook about how I am incorporating my products in my hectic everyday life. I will definitely check out the website, thank you!


Your building your business and reputation, but your not selling your services. This means networking and outbound marketing. Ask for referral and go to events so you can talked to people about your business. LinkedIn is great to connect to people and Facebook is great for customer engagement, but won't obtain quick and steady amount of clients. Selling may seem like a bad word in business, but everyone does it in every business position whether they think it is or not. We sell ideas and concepts to co-workers and so on.

I would be happy to help you, let me know if you need more help.

I will be attending my first event in February! I have no idea what to expect with this but am trying to take some interested prospects with me.


Oh boy do you have a wealth of opportunity in front of you. The fitness and health industry is huge and the best part about it - just about everyone knows they could be doing more when it comes to health.

So - how do you get more clients? Well...selling directly is a pain and the return is usually poor. If walk up to someone in the grocery store, introduce myself and say "Hi, I'm a personal fitness coach. I can show you exactly what to eat, and what to buy to feel better, be stronger, and live longer. It only cost $100" You think they are going to sign up? Probably not. There is money involved.

Now walk up to another person, introduce yourself and say "Hey there, I'm a personal fitness...mind if I come shopping with you and show you some really yummy foods that are great for you and will give you more energy? It cost nothing". They are more likely to hear what you have to say. The cool thing is, if they find value in it - you can probably sell them something later.

It is a lot easier for customers to justify giving you money AFTER they have gotten something useful up front. To put it into perspective, I consult with hundreds of clients a year and charge a decent amount of money. I give the same advice I give on here...FOR FREE. I answer for free because people who have 1 question likely have more. So, I get hired to embed with a company and work with decision makers to introduce change for the better.

Rebecca, start with things you can offer for free. A free guide. Free consultation, Free webinar, Free this, Free that. People will start following you, listening to you, and more importantly...buying from you.

Even as you are giving things away, you are building a loyal following that will recommend you to others. They will market you to people they know because they feel compelled to do so.

Think about your free marketing strategy and build out from there.

Good luck and message me if you have questions.

I just finished reading Go Pro by Eric Worre and am applying those skills to my approach which includes continuous exposures for my prospects. I learned how to incorporate exactly what you're talking about with more confidence. Thank you for this perspective. You're, right. I need to offer even more information to get everyone educated!

Not a problem Rebecca. You are on the right path.


Hello Rebecca

I see that fitness and health comes in different combination and market positioning.

Before launching your marketing/ selling activities, you have to decide how you are positioning yourself as.

Just to give 2 simple examples: you may be a fitness instructor/ coach and a strong ambassador of the products your company is selling, or you are a professional sales person in your company.

These two personalities requires different approaches and marketing strategies to improve sales.

Will you be able to decide on that?

Best regards

That is a great question!

I feel at this point I am a strong ambassador of the products and a coach working towards a professional network marketer.


In that case, i suggest that you craft your strategies around a personal brand of yourself, and soft-sell the product and visualize where you can fit into the lifestyles of your prospects.

Then, craft the sales funnel around that community with the appropriate content.

Good luck. Hazel


Join networking groups in person and local chambers of commerce. As far as FB, join some women's groups, national and local and post in their groups but before promoting your business, connect with some of them, like their pages, and interact with their pages by commenting on their posts within the group. Pretty soon, you'll have more appointments. Good luck!


There are many tools which you can utilize to attract more clientele. Of course you have mentioned social media which is quite helpful. No mention has been made of twitter and pinterest. You can follow organizations which share common interest with your company.
You could begin to do blogs by which you can comment as expert in your field. This has proven to be quite attractive. You could also comment on articles that are of interest to you.
Press releases have proven to be quite fruitful as well. You can place these on free listings and get excellent traction. You can also find free listings online which can help to expand your react.
You can do email blasts to your database and ask your contacts to pass on to a friend.


Twitter is an excellent social media platform for small businesses. Consider redirecting efforts from Facebook to Twitter. Personally, I think Facebook will soon be a waste of time for small business marketing. Let me also encourage you to consider a more customized website and an email newsletter. The latter is an especially under-utilized tool.

One other thought: How about providing a free seminar or webinar?

Great idea! I certainly have free webinars and conference calls available, it's just getting the people to get onto them. I finished reading Go Pro by Eric Worre, he explained how to plan exposures incorporating more of this. My current plan is to use the system he described and make it my own; education and understanding is the goal.


It depends on your business and potential clients. I am advising many of my clients that "Its all about Community" as people like to be part of them and it hels drive sales. Again, I would want to know more about your business to give a more specific answer.

I have partnered with a wellness company, Isagenix, that allows me to teach people how to get fit, feel fabulous, and become financially free. My target market is vast: anyone who wants/needs to live a healthier life and become the healthiest version of themselves; also includes those who are want the above and hate their current situation (job, finances). My ideal client is male or female; determined, committed to achieving personal goals, lives a busy lifestyle, 18-35 years of age, in search of not living the day to day grind and just scraping by. We have a wonderful facebook community in place! It's a place full of support and knowledgeable people from many walks of life.

The problem is establishing your Uniqueness. When you go that Broad, it is good for Everyone and No One at the same time. You need to focus and Segment First, THEN diversify later!


Well, clients are something which is something way more difficult to handle with anyway the evergreen option to attract clients is by "Giving away offers", and in addition to that what more you can do is start running some promotional campaigns where the winner will be awarded with "Freebies ". What this will do is it will help you in building more user interaction which in terms would get you more referral from other users.


Twitter is the best way to reach people that aren't in your network at no cost, if done properly. Sad to say, Facebook is now a pay to play platform. You aren't going to get much exposure without buying advertising.

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