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What can I sell through my Square Footage calculation website?

Hello Experts,

I have a website https://www.squarefootagearea.com that offers different types of measurement calculators, e.g. Acres to Square Feet, Square Inches Calculator, Square Footage Calculator, etc.

As I have been working on SEO for this website, it is now getting a few thousands hits a day and by the end of this month, it is expected to have approx. 40,000 unique users (and I plan to grow the traffic further).

Now as a next level, I want to market or sell something through this website that would be relevant to the users visiting the website.

I need advise on "What can I sell through this website to generate revenue" (except Google Adsense thing).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Mustafa Parekh

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Anonymous User

Hi Mustafa,

Getting quality traffic to one's website is something a lot of business owners are always grappling with, so well done on being able to achieve results on this.

Regarding what to sell on your website, you'll need to look at your analytics closely to determine who your ideal audience is. I reckon your tool will work well for students, educators, etc? You can create a consultation service for schools who could benefit from the use of your tool.

Another group would be businesses within the architectural, building, and construction industries (land, property, surveying, engineering, etc). I may be wrong, but I feel this is a good group to target as well.

Setup a survey to find out what people within your target demographic struggle with the most, and then create a solution and give it away on your website (e.g. free checklist or report). Then funnel the leads towards an upsell (something you charge for but still relevant to the initial offer).

I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to discuss further.

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