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What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I am interested in learning what inspires people to become entrepreneurs. Can you clearly outline what led you to choose entrepreneurship?

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I chose entrepreneurship because I wanted the freedom to make money doing what I enjoyed and what inspired me, rather than work a day job for someone else at limited pay. By focusing on something I was good at--freelance writing--I built up a body of work and developed a reputation for quality. I landed a few clients and the more good work I did for them, the more work they gave me.


Great question! There's nothing wrong or bad about being an employee for someone else, but the decision to be an entrepreneur was an easy one for me to make.

I think the biggest factor is opportunity. Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of risk, but it also comes with a lot of potential reward. A lot! That's been very appealing to me, and has been a large motivator, too. I'd much prefer to slug it out for a few years and then start reaping the benefits than to be an employee getting inflationary raises (maybe), and an opportunity for promotion every 5-10 years.

There's also the pace of being an entrepreneur. You never have to worry about being bored! And you get to see the fruits of your labor better than if you're one person who is ultimately replaceable at any other business.

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