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What do I need to add to my e-commerce store to keep visitors on the website?

Our new website https://www.envelopesusa.com/ has just launched and I am curious to know from this community what I can do to avoid bounce off rates and keep customers on my site which of course will help with my quality score. I am promoting a discount which I hope retains potential customers as well. Thanks!

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Hi Jesse,

There's plenty of ways to keep people on your website and a lot of times it just starts by thinking about what a visitor would be looking for. Utilize Google Analytics to see what keywords people are entering your site based on and the key is to keep your content as useful and relevant to these searches as possible.

You can check out our website for a reference (https://pakfactory.com). We have numerous box styles and references to keep customers engaged on our website. While we offer all of these products, customers often go with more standard styles. Having a blog and offering industry-related information also can help a great deal with getting people to stay on your website, which it looks like you have already.

Be sure to also have a good balance of content (images, video, and text) so that customer's don't feel like they're reading an essay or sales pitch. Video content is also a great way to keep people engaged with your site. If you offer a useful informational video, visitors may remain on your site for the duration of the video.

Hope this helps!


Thank you Benjamin for the tips! Greatly appreciate it.




My name is Loren and I run a Strategic Marketing Agency in Norway called Viking Mark (www.vikingmark.com). I've looked at your website www.envelopesusa.com and I have a couple of tips to improve it that would make your customers spend more time on the website.

1. Branding

The primary purpose of a website is to tell visitors 3 things:
1. “Here’s what I got."
2. “Here’s what it will do for you.”
3. “Here’s what to do next.”

The website has not defined a clear brand image. The site needs to use strong visuals to deliver a strong brand message. If a brand wants to make its website more appealing to potential customers, it needs strong visuals, including strong design elements like fonts, colors, and style. It is necessary to define what is the impression and the values that you want to transmit to your clients and to choose visual elements according to this.

2. Structure

There are some structural elements of the website that could be improved;

a.) Too much text and too little visual elements. A website is a great opportunity to express and highlight your brand value. Do not use it as a plain text document. You can include pop up elements, images, videos, interactive objects...

b.) It is important to consider which elements are the most important, where is the perfect placement and what is the correct size. There is too much information together and it is very difficult to see anything.

I hope these tips are helpful! If you want more tips about business/growth strategy I suggest you watch this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD8wxP0M3V0&t=6s). It is a 6-minute video developed by my team and me, where I explain how to design your business for growth. We also have a podcast called "Viking Mark Radio" where we talk about Strategies to Grow Online. If you're interested, you can find it on Itunes :) And of course, if you need specific help to improve your online presence, you can contact us at info@vikingmark.com.

Thank you Loren for the tips! My daughter's middle name is Loren btw. =)

I will check out your video and see what I can do for my home page visuals.



While a website must express a company’s brand, services, and products (properties), it should also entertain the visitor up to a certain point.

To begin with, you must adhere to the following tips:
1) Who is Your Audience?
You must figure out your target market or audience before you can create an engaging website.
2) High-Quality Photos & Videos
Poor quality photos or videos will not attract customers or keep them engaged.
3) Reduce Friction
Requiring visitors to take a number of steps while going through your website is a good way to get them to leave.
4) User Interface for Your Website
A good user interface allows customers to easily complete tasks like signing up for a newsletter, viewing listings, reading website content or making selections.
5) Rewards
Reward visitors for coming to your website.

Good luck!

Business Coach from DoMyWriting


To avoid bounce off rates, you need to keep your webpage attractive and write useful content (which is helpful for visitors). It should also consider your visitors must relevant to your business. And for this search engines are a way to get visitors. I think that will help you.

Mohammad Ali
Manager of Inventory Software Services

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