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What do I need to do to improve my conversion rates on my website?

I want to improve my affiliate conversions throughout my website. I feel like I don't have that trust yet with viewers. Is there something I can do to improve my conversion rates and increase my traffic through my website?

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Tom, it's an interesting question.

1) I would start by first checking your Google Analytics. See what your bounce rate is. It will tell you a lot. If the bounce rate is high, you are losing traffic and whatever is left after that may be less for conversion.
2) Check if you have ant PAINKILLERS on your most important pages. Painkillers are call-to-actions consisting in your content that solves problems.
3) Add reviews.
4) Risk reversal.

You need to make your offer pages magnetic to buyers.

Hope you have adequate data to dig deeper.


Hi Tom,

In addition to Qamar comment, I would also suggest to install mouseflow script (heatmaps) and check what exactly your visitors doing on your website. You can see what they click at, where the go, etc (everything is recorded).

There are many websites offering mauseflow services, just google them:-) You can start here (its free): https://goo.gl/ie5RxQ



Tom, conversion rates are all about using appropriate keywords that target your niche segment. Utilization of long tail keywords (LTK) is a SEO technique that can generate more focused traffic. The LTK employs multiple words, usually 3-4, and offers more search precision. They also have lower search engine competition, and are more likely to provide the exact listing that the consumer is looking for. Because it uses a phrase instead of a single word, the tail end of the phrase may be more significant than the lead word, and allow the search engine more scope to hone in the appropriate site. Positioning of LTK's in blog and article texts requires an experienced hand, but they can be very useful enhancers of web traffic.

Anchor text employs a subtle method of linking specific text in a blog to another site, which can be your own or a linked one that has a commercial tie. The anchor is usually underlined in blue and the cursor will indicate its URL address. It motivates visitors to click for more information, and generates additional traffic.
The path to good quality traffic is often paved with links to other websites. This can be achieved through an exchange of links with other sites that have a direct connection or complementary association to the products/services that are offered by your company. This creates mutually beneficial synergy that cycles traffic between the various links.

There are many other SEO techniques to increase both traffic and conversion. At this stage of your website you should concentrate on maximizing traffic.


You can build customer engagement by adding email notification ( from providers like mailgun.com ) and sms notifications ( from providers like https://www.springedge.com ) for user registration confirmation or welcome notification etc.

Also you can send mail news-letter and notifications which will also increase traffic to your website.


Hi Tom,

Improving the conversion rate can be a tricky thing. While a lot of people will tell you to do this, do that, I prefer to approach it from a scientistic angle. After, all marketing is both an art and science. The earlier we realize this, the better.

So how do you improve your website conversion

1. Start with a basic understanding of your website funnel. Where are you losing traffic? Where are people dropping off during their customer journey?
2. Once you understand your pain -point, you now need to come up with a hypothesis of what could be wrong. Start by asking yourself some questions and using basic AB testing rules, form a hypothesis.
3. Conduct an experiment to test your hypothesis.
4. Confirm your hypothesis.
5. Implement it or kill it
6. Keep improving until you get to your desired result?


1. Write Catchy Title

2. Write Lengthy Post

3. Do SEO of your website

Seo Company


What are my options with my Opencart websites? I have just created an online store using those themes for it from https://www.templatemonster.com/opencart-templates.php and I would like to get some tips on how to improve conversions on it. Thank you in advance!


Hello Tom,

As a digital marketing expert sharing some proven ways to increase your conversion rate:

1. Do A/B testing for your product or services pages

2. Create a compelling and clear value proposition

3. Set up a sales funnel

4. Increase trust about your business among your customers

5. Make the easiest way to buy from you

6. Provide enough information about the products and services that you sell

7. Offer proof like Customer testimonials, Case studies, Third-party reviews, and more trust elements

Hope it will help!


Raj Kishore

Digital Marketing Expert at VOCSO Technologies

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