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What are the first steps I need to take when creating a blog?

I am starting an adult website and I want to have a blogging site while my site is being built. And then link the two together.

What should I do?

Thank you!

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No matter the subject matter...you should think about what your blog is about, what is its core message, and who is your reader - therefore plan out an editorial calendar regarding the content you will be blogging about. Most blogs fail because of:
- inconsistent or infrequent posting
- message or purpose is not clear
- no CTA's - call to actions to gain engagement

These can be solved by understanding your brand, your message or purpose, and your customer.

As far as it being adult-novelty...not sure if there are any restrictions, privacy issues or security you would need to consider.


Things you need to do:
Hosting: You need to purchase space from adult hosting provider, since most of normal hosting provider doesn't allow to host adult content.
WordPress: WordPress is best opensource to start your own blog. Install WordPress in your hosting.
Now start blogging...


Frequent and relevant content is a huge start - not just for ranking on Google but also just getting people to look at your blog frequently. The best strategy to use will vary depending on the type of posts you make. As far as determining content, look at what conversations are happening and identify what it is your audience will most likely want to know.

It's also just a good idea to establish some specific goals. What do you want your blog to accomplish (eg draw new people to your site, educate/engage existing customers, etc.)?

Regardless of your overall strategy, if your audience is in the 18-34 crowd, it's good to be active and promote on the full range of social media - not just the huge social sites like Facebook and Twitter. Younger consumers tend to have a presence across the largest range of social media, and they are the most receptive to social promotional content. For the adult-novelty category, I highly recommend using Tumblr. It has a thriving adult-oriented community and you can post post visual content and links in addition to text.


The most important tip I can offer you Melinda (as you will receive loads of responses about the mechanics of operating a blog) is to ‘align your content with intent.’ Consider one thing (and never lose sight of it), what will your readers’ do as a direct result of (and immediately) after reading each blog post you make.

If you content is not hitting those hot-buttons no one will be bothered to return or subscribe.

You need to re-consider you language; as in your mosaicHUB profile for example you have peppered your content with stuff all about you! Here are 15 incidences in your introduction alone that must go through the “I, We, My & Us” test. Highlight ever sentence that has I, We, My or Us (Including those were you use you trading name in the same context), then rewrite it substituting ‘You’ and ‘Your’, so it becomes all about them!
1. my desire is to educate
2. I am a certified Life Coach
3. Due to the nature of my background,
4. I have learned
5. my clients
6. My married couples
7. My goal as a Life Coach
8. Ladies and Gentlemen, my desire is to educate
9. I designed my website
10. My website is
11. My Omazing Sex Toys
12. It is our desire
13. We are advocates
14. We will soon
15. We believe,

Honestly Melinda, no one (other than those you love) care much about you, your motivation or beliefs, plus they will actually be repelled by the suggestion that you might like to ‘educate’ them. People only care about what is in it for them, so find and fine tune your persuasive marketing voice and apply it to your blog, your social media sites and your website content before you publish.

This one activity will reduce the likelihood of your blog joining the 98%+ that no one ever reads!


The first question I have is are you a writer? If not, you may want to find someone who can write the content for you. Writing articles, papers, etc is different from writing a blog, especially if your goal is to become the expert and get people to participate in your paid programs. Regarding blog topics I would do three things. The first is go check out other articles on the topics you want to write about. The second is to join groups in FB and LinkedIn to see what type of questions people are posting and how current experts are answering them. The third is to ask people live, via email or social media posts to see what type of topics they want covered so you can create articles that are in their language. The goal is for you to know what's out there and where you differ...via approach, recommendations, tone, humor, another perspective, etc. You should create a list of 20+ topics that you can write about effectively, compellingly and authoritatively. Then, just start writing and see where it leads you. If you decide the writing isn't for you, there are great copywriters that will use your knowledge and voice to get the job done! To your Sweet Success!


An old line in Marketing and Advertising would apply here. The line is "It is only creative if it sells," so be sure you have a creative idea with USP or a Unique Selling Proposition, competitive positioning and you have an audience for your blog. Good luck.

Be sure to enjoy your subject matter, positioning, writing and targeting your "true" audience or audiences. All the best.


Always keep it in mind that blogs has to be regularly maintain with quality content which helps you in generate traffic. It is better to generate blog as a sub domain linked with your main top level domain which benefits both your main and sub domain as well. Why i want to create a blog as sub domain is because you don't update your main domain contain frequently also once your website become popular visitors finds there is nothing in the website with the same page for that reason creating a sub domain link with your domain keeps your visitors engage with your website as well as to your sub domain.


Hi Melinda

Adding a few more directs to the information provided by Bernadette, here are some other traces that can help you to create a better blog.

1. Choosing a platform for blogging - One premier aspect that you'll have to look for. Probably, the one you are choosing should let you to have a control on the accessibility features, branding, ownership options, etc.

2. Smart, effective content - Certainly, it's known that a quality content does everything. While, you also wanna to add up some interesting stuff say, the visual content that speeds the response of the blog rather stuffing only the words.

3. Plan for Promotions - Never leave the chance of advertising / promoting your content. Get your feeds engaged in social networks and other portals where you can reach the audience louder.

4. Grow up your connections
5. Responsive design for your blog - Since the readers are not meant to access your stuff only via PC's, but also mobiles, tablets have taken a wider chance.

Hope this can help you more in effect.


Starting a website and blog is pretty easy these days. I highly recommend you go with WordPress as your website and blogging solution. This will make it easy for you to create content and also have total control over the look and feel of your site.

As for the content and connection between your website and blog, I would also highly recommend that you keep both of them on the same domain name and not create two different sites. For example, use websitename.com as your main site, then websitename.com/blog as your blog. This is quite easy to set up and if you aren't sure how, simply ask your hosting provider and they should be able to do this for you without a problem.

I also recommend you follow the guide a https://blogging.org, which walks through the complete process of how to create a blog with meaningful content and stands out from the crowd. The majority of bloggers and site owners out there are spending too much time on the content creation process and not enough on the actual content promotion. Also be sure to create longer form content with at least 1,200 words per content, as this will help your site rank in the search results. It's better to have less content with more words, than lots of short articles. This will also make the content promotion part a lot easier as well.


You can use https://wordpress.com/ to start your blog. Also, here is a link to help you step by step: http://www.bloggingbasics101.com/how-do-i-start-a-blog/

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