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What do I need to know about handling a social media platform for my company?

My company decided to start using social media as advertising. We will start with Facebook mainly. They gave me a budget of $300 per month for posting and boosting. Is the budget sufficient ? How much do people usually charge for such a job as a freelancer? What do I need to know before accepting this job?

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I think you need to know where/who your content is coming from. What that content will be is closely related. About half will be images. Who takes the pictures? Who has the camera? Where will you store the images? Do you have time as part of your 40hr/week to drive to locations and look for shots? Or is the 300/month going to cover your time while you take the pics?

The other ~half is text. Hopefully used as story, e.g. something persuasive not declarative, something that 'shows' and not entirely 'tells'. Is the writer you? If not you will you have any authority to get people to write? Who will pay for their time? Who has the authority and company bkgrd to be the 'editor'?

SM on Facebook is not just a picture with "30% off" over the top of the image. Are you aware of and creating a strategy? Is your boss giving you the strategy? Does your boss understand how rich and thick and time consuming that an SM strategy can be?

On the surface this is likely an exciting opportunity and a chance to bring your company into the bright light of online marketing. But....it's a seething roiling mess under the covers, ESPECIALLY if $300 is to be used for the pay per click aspect and your time is not accounted for AND you have no authority to ask others to spend their time developing content AND you have not final approval authority. That means you do your normal job and this new SM task is "in addition to" what you are already doing AND you get fired for publishing something that ownership does not like.

imo you need more underlying strategy AND SUPPORT.


$300 does not sound like a very big budget for social media. That might cover monitoring social media profiles and maybe several updates per week, as well as responding to any potential questions/interactions.

Look at the demographics of your target audience, and then create content that helps those demographics out.


I'm going to assume first that the $300 is not for wages or outside help managing/writing, and that you'll be allowed to spend the time necessary from your regular employment. With those two assumptions, two advantages of starting with Facebook advertising stand out: 1) it offers very specific targeting options (by state or even city, age, interests, etc.), and 2) it is quite cheap to test. The downside is that (most people I know believe) it's not ideal for BtoB. If you're selling VOIP services to consumers, great, (and you should definitely be able to determine whether you can get a return on your investment for $300/month but otherwise, it might be the wrong social medium. You need to match your potential customer/prospect characteristics to the social network.

In my experience with Facebook advertising (several successful -- profitable-- campaigns, and a few not so), you should treat your first three months as an experiment. (In fact, you should treat all marketing as experiments, complete with a testable hypothesis and a calculated threshold for -- you don't necessarily have to post multiple times a day. But you do have to be consistent (M-W-F same time of day, for example), so that you keep your brand "top of mind." The nature of the posts is critical; a typical editorial calendar consists of 3-5 posts that are generically "helpful" to your ideal prospect (more important than being funny or cute), to 1 that's specifically promotional for your service.

You'll quickly (weeks to a month) see which posts garner the greatest readership, and my advice would be to promote (pay for) those. Don't waste money pushing posts that haven't garnered much organic interest.

You'll also need coordination with the web developer so you can have landing pages that match your ads.


I have to agree with Adam. $300 will most likely not be sufficient. Why do I say this? A quality and effective social media strategy, just like a quality SEO or blogging strategy requires manpower and man hours. Yes there are certain aspects of social media that can be automated but only specific and appropriate segments. Many business owners still have this crazy idea that there is a magic wand or a certain software that creates, manages and analyzes a marketing strategy. This simply doesn't exist. It requires the appropriate work and attention from experienced professionals.

Therefore, unless you're hiring someone at minimum wage, $300 pays for approximately 5 to 10 hours of work per month, at best. If you do use a non-professional, you might as well save the money for when you can afford a professional because the quality of the work you'll receive will be sub-standard, ineffective and gain no traction.

If the responsible party doesn't understand the fundamentals of social media and how it needs to be in sync with other digital marketing efforts, results will not come. Each platform has different guidelines, different opportunities and different rules. These rules are important to know or a company could actually loose ground in the social mediasphere.

Serious businesses take their SEO, content marketing, social media strategy & data analytics seriously. I don't mean to sound harsh but If an organization can't afford to work with a certified professional (or team), I will suggest they are either under capitalized or mismanaging their budget.

One man's perspective.


What type of business? Are you selling something or promoting? How long has the company been around?

It is a company that works in voice over ip (VoIP), it's a new company


Hi Serge - This is a great question. The more targeted you get the more successful you will be. You will need to be targeted with your content and with your advertising. Its all about building community while presenting the right content to the right people at the right time.

If you are developing the content then a freelance may be less expensive. However, ad testing takes time.

Hope that helps!
Charlotte Chipperfield, CEO & Founder of Chipperfield Media LLC.


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If your company is in the mood for selling, it's a good place to start, but your budget will not go far.
If lead generation is what you're after, there are numerous ways to go about that. Take a look at Heyo for starters if it's leads you're after.


Two things roar at me with social media. Consistent messages and high frequency of posts. Make sure the messages have a call to action and you run them 4-6 times a day per media.

Anonymous User

What I learnt from Facebook boosting is "virality" - something that people will share round and round. You have to be sharp to catch it. One of the things that went viral on my networks, was a pretty girl emerging from a robot suit. I still haven't found the trend that started that but I bet if I did the research my Pinterest board would be buzzing. I also found a video on Facebook by 2Idol about school kids' pranks - as if they were under an unseen power - behaving like zombies etc. - that went viral but I can't see the trend either. If you could, research. and find the trend, you will definitely succeed on even 100 USD per month!

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