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How can I promote my immigration law firm?

I am working with Berardi Immigration Law, a legal immigration law firm. Our premier services help people who are moving to the U.S. have an easy and stress-free travel and transition. I want to promote my services in the U.S. and Canada. I need some suggestions. I am already doing SEO, SMO, and blogging for my website.

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If your SEO, SMO were working I am not sure you would be asking this question? Perhaps you have not been at it long enough to see results? Do you specialize in particular countries/immigrants who want to enter the US? (I see London, Toronto) I would consider adding some PR activities to the mix. The video on your front page is a great start but you are missing some big opportunities on your YouTube Channel. Great positioning for your firm but there are several tweaks you could do especially with the testimonials that would make a big difference. Happy to have a phone call or a zoom meeting if you would like to hear additional comments

Anonymous User

Your SEO is not very good!
LinkedIn is good.
Twitter is abysmal.
Facebook with just 300 people following you - is poorly done!!

Also you are offering services from an American perspective - how people with limited English can find your site and social media is very limited.

What Facebook ads are you doing?
Are you using Retargeting?
Are you using Google Adwords?

Basically your digital marketing is being poorly run!

We can help!!


Hello Rosanna, it is always a challenge in any business to attract new clientele to your new business, and your business is and can be extremely competitive. The big players are heavily armed with titles and testimonies of a large referral and customer base, your on-line performance and results is key indicator to eventual success, if I can suggest you hook-up with commercial/residential US and Canadian registered mortgage brokers that service purchasers, investors and business owners that want to immigrate. set up a blog or create a few YouTube videos, you can use to send prospects to, where one can see you in person as you express and promote your capabilities on social media, Facebook page updates on Trump mania travel bans and whatever comes up next as an interactive post, and website with inquiries/prospects, use google ranking SEO to start and help expand your customer base. Utilizing media awareness create a monthly review of case in point (using keywords within immigration genre) referencing tools like, case law precedence and other notable points that customers can find interesting and reference that, in the general public can muse over the FAQ, duration, clearance, apps, forms, costs giving your take and experience in these matters, get your name out there, and the clientele will come, you will soon see what works and what doesn't ... be frugal... good business decisions make for good luck! from an entrepreneurial mentor since 1988*

Anonymous User

Hi Rosanna

I agree with Stuart Marler and I hope you are not paying for these services. None are at the level of someone who does SEO and SMO for a living.

I found 2 websites one in London and 1 in Buffalo. Are they both yours?

Your London Office SEO is way off –
Meta Description - Description is 324 Characters long. Anything after 160 characters will be ignored and not shown on search.

Meta Title – US Immigration Lawyers in London - US Immigration Law Firm
OK, that is fine but is that what people search for? Have you done any keyword analysis and volume search, etc. My magic machines says NO!!

US Immigration Lawyers in London = 30 searches per month
US Immigration Law Firm = 40 searches per month
Your blog homepage is showing full blogs rather than summary with “Read More”. You will get more traction this way and will do better with retention.

Your Buffalo site is better but still no sign of any research for keywords. Websites should be built around keywords (I know that is so boring) but design can make it exciting. You can't do it the other way around but unfortunately that is what most people do!! See http://www.cognisant-hosting.com/how-to-avoid-website-design-disasters/

Meta Keywords
There is a lot of debate if Google takes note of this, but if they do they will not take note of 26. This is keyword stuffing and not very cleverly either! Your keywords must be present in your Meta Title, Meta Description, H1-Series and text with sufficient density to give it credibility. You cannot do this with 26. Each page should have between 3-5 keywords and your content should focus on them.

Social Media
You are going through the motions but looks like you have no real objectives. You have set up the pages but it is not being used correctly with engaging content, relevant information,. “Come and Read me” stuff. You also need to appreciate Social Media is not about you, but about your clients and what they want to hear. It is about their interests and not yours otherwise you will not attract traffic and followers. Your Twitter has decent content but no HashTags. You won't get anywhere without them.

Target Market
Who is your target market?
If your target market is English speaking countries then at least your website is in the right language. If your target market is non-English speaking clients then you need to extend your website to cover the language of your potential market.
I know immigration would require good level of English but I wonder how many people search in their native language rather than English? I don't know but I am just asking if you have considered it.

Do look us up as we have been designing, optimising, and hosting websites since 2006, so we may be able to help you.



You are working with Immigration Law Firm. Your services are beneficial to those who want to migrate/ travel to US.

Although, promoting your firm in US/ Canada is good strategy. But, people who want to move US need to know more than those already in US. I suggest you to promote your firm in those countries where people are more interested to migrate i.e. Asian, African, Latin, etc. You will find lot of US Visa consultants in these countries ready to tie-up with your firm. I am not interested to migrate from India but many people are looking forward for migration to US/ Canada. Even one such company is nearby our office.

If you want to promote your website in India, our professional team will be happy to serve you.




I took a look at your website. While the website is clean and offers a good design which reflects well in reflecting trust I would recommend you make some changes to split test.
1) Move the video to top the top near the header. Right across the video add a call to action that addresses the pain of people needing an immigration lawyer and why they need to hire you.
2) Your designer needs to change the call to action colors not same as your brand colors. What I mean is that that if you add under the form
Submit your Story... instead of Send. Submit your Story is a call to action. It should be a different color and not same like the red brand color.
3) Ask your website designer / SEO expert to give you full access to Google Analytics. You need to see your website bounce rate. You must know who is coming and who is rushing back and leaving the website.
4) Run Google Ads. Focus on the local area and see which keyword converted to traffic. and which one actually got you a case.
5) With regards to SEO. I dont see any links. You have 9 links. That is not adequate for page 1 on Google. While you rank on 1st page for Immigration lawyer inBufflo New York you need to rank for a large set of intent bases searches. Your map needs to be optimized for 1st page rank.

There are many other flaws on the website but these few will reveal a lot.


You need to put some extra efforts to promote your law firms. Law firms promotion is hard because competition of this business is very high and it takes time get effective results.

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