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What do we need to do to grow my magazine?

We just started a magazine about fitness and sport. In the internet world, there is a lot of information about how to get an audience and with that get profit.

Our magazine (fitclaw.com) are all 100% unique articles and made by us, but now the question is how to connect with the public?

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First of all you need to have a landing page built and opt-in so you can start building your subscribers list.

I suggest starting with a keyword research and offering something valuable for free in exchange for visitor email. For example an effective diet plan pdf or something similar.

P.s. good job on having notifications!


Elaborate the services based on your articles, this will show who are ready to buy it.


I recommend you guys to use some offline marketing methods for this purpose. I have been using different promo items like Lapel Pins and other things for promotion. I think it will work even these days too as people still love such cool stuff. You just need to make them nice and unique


You need a combination of both digital marketing (landing pages, social media posting about your articles/content) and person-to-person networking and marketing (put on events to attract followers, attend business networking events, join the Chamber of Commerce to associate with other business owners, etc
Investigate complimentary businesses that can advertise and write articles for your magazine to get those complimentary businesses' followers to follow you.

My recommendation is to create your Client Attraction Marketing Plan. List the various ways you can attract an audience, and do not limit it to the internet or digital marketing.
Design speaking engagements, free offerings, special events, other avenues that allow you to collect contact information for your subscription lists.
Co-sponsor events with other complementary businesses that allows your magazine exposure to the complementary businesses' client lists.
Provide referral discounts or bonuses for those subscribers that bring in additional readers.

Consider services like TradePub.com that actually promote your content in their online subscription services.
Search out contributors that already have a large following. Allow them to write for your magazine in exchange for referrals to their large fan club.

Once you get a reasonable subscription list, consider telemarketing calling to prospective advertisers to your magazine.

Brainstorm in your Client Attraction Marketing plans the various different ways. Then prioritize and narrow your execution plan.

There isn't One-Way. You need to combine various ways.


Use unique fonts!
To make any design look better, I personally love using creative themes, icons, fonts like those on https://www.templatemonster.com/fonts.php . Such small things like fonts can change the entire look and add personality to your website. So feel free to check them out too!


Hi Gorgi,

Update unique and quality content on your website and share that content on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, etc. It will help to improve traffic on your magazine website.

Also, optimize your web magazine by using on-page SEO techniques to make that more user and search engine friendly. After that, do off-page SEO techniques and get backlinks from high authority websites. It will help to improve your keyword rankings on Google search and improve organic traffic back to your magazine website.

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