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Is video conferencing helpful for businesses?

Can you save time and money? I have been using video conferencing, but I guess I want to know what you think of it.

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I think it is essential providing a digital face-to-face opportunity to connect in a more meaningful way with people. Which service do you use, Preston?

I messaged you- don't think I should say here in the forum

I think you hit the nail on the head. Creating a meaningful face-2-face video meeting is the key to making the desktop video conference a valuable experience. I think any interaction where the expressions of one or more parties is key to a successful outcome is the trick. I think that healthcare and certain law enforcement tasks are prime examples. I see a lot of application for mobile video to desktop having a meaningful value to users as well, for example, a real estate property walkthrough.

Healthcare, non-profits, and now even government agencies are using this technology. I heard that in the government they are demanded to find solutions for video conferencing to save a ton of money being wasted by meetings that are not necessary or that take too much time and money. What if there were a system that could do all this and more, plus be able to be seen on mobile devices and actually participate using mobile? What if it could translate in 140 different languages with 1/2 second delay? msg me.

Anonymous User

SKYPE is your friend... well to see if it works for your business. In my last organisation it was the default communication tool for everyone. worked a treat, for us to use the Comcast solution we had in each office for full conferencing was a simple step. Over time this setup saves money on travel and lost work time. So in short... yes it does help.. BUT to Ellens point, it should be used in conjunction with face to face.

Adrian, I do believe Skype has its place, I also use this in certain cases. However what I have found is it not private, so I would not reveal private information on it. I also have heard it can get hacked more then most systems. I know when I have a meeting with clients/prospects or others, I can lock down the room with a password so only those who know that password for that meeting only can get in. Can change it anytime I want.


I love it. It is great for a quick chat or to connect when traveling or in separate offices. It does not replace face to face meetings, but is starting to come close.

Gordon, what are you using? I like the fact I can use it 24/7 and I have my own room. So I can attach my domain to that room and have people meet with me by just giving them my URL and all they have to do is click on the link without downloading a thing. Face to Face is the best, but if you are not avaiable to do this such as bad weather or car broke down or can't get through the "traffic". Pull over to a coffee shop or connect to the internet using a portable modem that is the key to doing business

I use Skype, Facetime and Webex. For some reason they don't always fail at the same time so I can switch between them.

Anonymous User

Having used VC for over a decade, I have gone from expensive systems costing tens of thousands, per office, to free technology from Skype and Google Hangouts. Not only does it help internal collaboration it also assists with customers and suppliers, especially with desktop sharing included in the Skype/Google offer.

All work together, any time, any place, any device.

How do you control Google Hangouts? I did a few public ones and I could not mute anyone. I like the system I am using that allows me to have up to 12 - going to 15 or more soon all on video. I thinkg G+ and Skype also are not secure, meaning you cant lock people out of the room or the information you share can be seen by others. I like our desktop share, plus I can do a whiteboard with documents and give control to everyone or just a select amount of people. I can also share video, music and more.

Anonymous User

Just attended the Chief Supply Chain Officers’ (CSCO) Summit is an online virtual event, brought to you by SCM World. Better than any conference/show than I ever physically went to.

Ken, what technology were they using? Did you have pay to be part of this? Did you have to download something to your computer? Could you hear everyone, could everyone hear each other? Was it video or just a telephone conference? Let's connect would like to know what they used? Thanks

Anonymous User

Hi Preston

Did not pay. Did not download. Voice and video were very clear. Worked well on my Toshiba laptop which is not "heavy duty".


Anonymous User

For sales & customer service, absolutely. We've just stated doing webinars, but are also working on offering our customers live Q&As through Google Hangouts. They're free, good quality and a great way to add a bit of personality to your customer interaction.

If you're talking about internal meetings, we are all using Skype already, so video conferencing is simply an obvious thing to do when parts of the team aren't in the same place.

Marie tht is awesome. I have found Google Hangouts ok, but some people can't connect when there are a ton of people using it. I also have found it is not private. What if you could have set or suite of online next-generation tools that could help your business? What if, since you are going to do webinars an unlimited amount of people that can be part of this webinar and it would very affordable, a lot less then some of the big boys that are recognized in this space? What if you could ?


I have used video conferencing since the early 2000's when they wer clunky and unreliable. But I never gave up on it. My staff is dispersed throughout the country as well as my clients. It's not always feasible for me to travel. Video conferencing allows me to be there without being there. As we move further into the impersonal "social media" landscape (yes, I said that...everyone seems to be hiding behind Twitter handle, Facebook pages, etc...and email, video conferencing allows me to be more interpersonal. No technology is 100% reliable. But we're getting better versions each year. My personal choices are Skype and Google+ Hangouts. I'd much rather see people than look at slides on a screen share.

What if I knew of something that was more realiable and secure then Skype or Google? What if it was available for your use 24/7 with 4 hour blocks at a time and all you need to do is close meeting for another 4 hours. What if you could use this in your business? What if you can use over 20 + online tools that can be integrated with this system so when someone has an interest for your product or service on social media, they could click one button and if you are online you could meet with them right then?


Yes, I absolutely think video conferencing can help businesses. I actually work for a company that creates communication and collaboration with hosted Microsoft Lync Service and I've seen a lot of business benefit from better workplace productivity. I think it saves a lot of time and money when you don't have to meet clients face-to-face. Although in-person interactions are great, if it means a better bottom line, why not make the move to video conferencing? I think it's the way of the future. Think about how far we've come in technology. Can you imagine trying to write your thesis on a typewriter. Sheesh.

Yes, I have heard of this from Microsoft, I know another company that is doing a very similar thing- When you can have video conferencing through all types of devices that is truly a game changer. It is part of the future and many small companies can now have this technology for a lot less- I love that.


A really "obvious comment": You need an excellent internet connexion. If not it's a pain. It shouldn't be only fast but stable.

If you can provide wifi connection with broadband speeds would that be fast enough? 5 MB of upload speed is all you need.


Yes, it will be invaluable for my business, I want to train 100,000 recent univ. grad. to become distributors /sales people bringing product direct from factory to retail shops. wide on line conferences.

Let's connect soon, I might have a solution through a company I work with. Interested let me know. We can help train multiple people at once and the cost is very affordable. Launching soon a broadcast system that can accept unlimited people as well as translates in 140 languages. If you want to know more, let me know. Thanks

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