What do I have to consider when hosting a landing page, and which hosting service is the best choice?

I need to host a landing page. I need the hosting space, but it is more important that I am able to easily transfer users to Google cloud or Amazon web services.

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I agree with Charles...hostgator is good..being a software firm I use their services...and godaddy is good for domain...I would also like to add in here that rackspace is also good when it comes to cloud


I like hostgator for hosting and GoDaddy for domain name registration. You should strongly consider using a domain name. That way, you can easily move to a different host by moving your files to the new host and then changing the name server names at your domain name registrar. Both of these companies have great technical service, which is very important when you have a question.

I agree with Charles...hostgator is good..being a software firm I use their services...and godaddy is good for domain...I would also like to add in here that rackspace is also good when it comes to cloud

... Are you for real? GoDaddy is probably THE worst web host all around - overpriced, horrible support, poor performance etc....
Hostgator used to be good until they got bought out, and now most of their servers are oversold (but I still think they provide good support).

Bryan, I know that GoDaddy is not good for hosting..I have mentioned clearly for domain purchases only..Rest your are right that Go Daddy is not at all trusted. As far as hostgator is concerned I am using them from past 2 years and no complaints yet.


You may want to consider services like Instapage and Unbounce where they are specialized in hosting landing pages.


I would need more information to answer this question. I know plenty of hosting sites that can host websites and more, but not sure about transferring it to the other two, unless you mean to forward it to look like it is for your current or a client's site that is currently already using google cloud or amazon web services...?

Hi MicheLe, thanks! What I mean is that some hosting don't let you, in a free and easy way, to transfer your information to another hosting services.
What I mean is now I'm working with hosting A and wan't to move all my information and star working in cloud serices or other hosting company.
Thanks again for your answer!!

Anonymous User

Get Pall, it depends on your current account type if it's easy to transfer or not. For example, when you have a cpanel account, then it's very easy. There's a feature called "cpmove", first you create a full backup of your site, then the new hosting company can just create a new account from this backup. I'm a reseller myself, and I've done that for a few customers. I'm not trying to sell you something here, I'd just like to mention that I've done that before. So from a cpanel account to another cpanel account it's outstandingly easy. But to further answer your question you'd need to tell us what kind of account you have currently. If you are not sure, maybe just post a screenshot of the admin panel here (make sure it does not show any sensitive information, like IP addresses). From that screenshot, we might be able to identify your account type.

Gert is right that there are different ways to move sites. For example, WordPress sites may be moved by exporting and importing an XML file directly from within the WordPress admin. area, or you can use a tool like PHPadmin to export and import your MySQL database directly. Gert mentions a third possibility.

Neither way is "free" (unless you do it yourself or the host does it for free) in terms of time involved, nor is it "easy" the first few times you learn to do it. But you should be able to find online tutorials and step-by-step instructions to help you.


I would suggest ~ http://www.thesba.com/web-services/cloud-managed-services/ ~ I have 20 sites of various types hosted w/New Tek. If you need a C Panel Access or even a website builder they have that included with many of their options. I do a lot with Go Daddy too for my SMB clients that want something easy to use and maintain. Every time you register a domain name w/Go Daddy they give a one page site free. It's easy to transfer stuff to Go Daddy but not as easy to move away later, just saying. The customer support at both New Tek & Go Daddy I would say is good to very good, rarely do they say they don't know or can't help. What ever you are doing, make sure it is mobile optimized!

I agree moving away from GoDaddy is not very easy, another host I like is 1and1 but they don't make it easy to move either. Right now I am using, iPage, and I register URLs through WhoIs.com.


You should use GoDaddy or Amazon Server.

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