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What is a good way to incentivize volunteers to promote our non-profit event?

We have an annual event every year for our non-profit and there are always a few people selling most of the tickets. We have almost 200 volunteers. What is a good way to get them involved and selling tickets. If just half sold two tickets, we would be in great shape.

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I think there are some people who are more naturally going to get on board and help with selling tickets and fundraisers. That being said, there are definitely things you can do to improve participation.

It involves communication and a change in culture. Your volunteer recruitment should highlight the importance of selling tickets and advertising the event. I don't think you can make it an expectation for everyone, as some volunteers who may serve your organization well may not be willing or able to serve in that way.

You can also leverage those who are already selling tickets by making it more competitive or offering extra recognition or incentives for them to sell more.

And finally, you can recruit those who attend the event to help sell tickets the following year. Word of mouth is a powerful tool if leveraged correctly.


If this event includes tables or the opportunity to showcase services or products and there is a "sponsor" fee attached, then to incentivize the volunteers, you could give them a discount dollar amount or large percentage off the fee, or if not too much of a loss, offer for free if they sell a specific amount of tickets. You would decide how many tickets volunteers need to sell to make money to cover the cost of the table fee.

If no sponsor tables are being offered, then for the top 5 or 10 volunteers who sell "x" number of tickets (you decide the number worthwhile) announce their name/business at the event, or give them a free attendee ticket, and/or let them say a few words about themselves/their business. Good luck!


Hi Barbara, One way would be gamification, to reward volunteers for their efforts with virtual badges of accomplishment and gold stars or more tangible rewards like gift cards, and public praise / recognition of their accomplishments. Incentives give individuals an instant feeling of reward, which can be the push that some need.

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