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What is my website missing?

I launched an online store 5 months ago that sells accessories, gadgets, electronics, kitchenware.... we have a little bit of everything.

I advertise my website on Facebook and Instagram, with consistently paid promotions and constant new items being added.

I seem to have hit a wall when it comes to sales, I continue to get likes on my page and followers but no actual buyers.

Can you please check out my website and social activity and advise what I am doing wrong?

My website: www.otloubnow.com
Facebook: Otloubnow
Instagram: otloub_now

Thank you in advance,
Serge Dagher

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Anonymous User

Hello Serge,

Your problem is very common with commodity sellers. You need to provide a compelling reason to purchase the items you are selling. Usually, this is one of three factors:

1. Price - you offer the lowest price.
2. Delivery - your delivery is the fastest.
3. Availability - you have something that cannot be supplied by any of your competitors.

If you can answer yes to some or all of the above, then I don't know why you are not getting sales. It could be that your target market is not finding you. Have you checked how you rank for SEO in your target market? It could be your online checkout is confusing or not working well. (Check this by getting friends to buy something on your site and report back to you how easy their experience was. You can then refund them the price of the goods.) It could be that while the items you are selling are nice, they are not really in hot demand. It could be your market is very unused to buying goods online. You need to keep testing and measuring, and don't be disheartened - almost all online stores take at least 2 years to establish a foothold in a market. It's not easy but if you stick to it eventually it will be worth it.

Repeat business should be your focus. Do all you can to ensure past customers return to your store. It is far easier to persuade a past customer to buy than someone who has never heard of you as long as their first experience was good. Are you using email to contact your past customers and tell them about the new arrivals in store?

The only other thing you might be lacking is a focus - your store sells such a wide variety of items that it will be hard for you to establish a place in the prospect's mind. It is very hard to be like an Amazon - even Amazon started by selling just books and CDs then stocked a wider variety of items once they became known and successful in one product area.


Serge, lemme give you the down and dirty here. I've spent 18+ years building my own empire and it was paved with scenic routes, bottoming out, rising again, until I finally discovered many of the tricks of the trade when it comes to attracting the RIGHT clients to your business.

First of all, we've all heard of the "10-second elevator pitch." In the world of websites and the internet (the techno/video age where patience doesn't exist), you have about a 2-3 second window to get the customer to fully encompass what your business is all about or they're "outie." Millennials (and Boomers) are the prime markets at the moment and they don't want to have to go digging to figure out what the heck you're trying to sell them. These two groups have very different reasons for that, however. The Boomers aren't as computer or techno-savvy as the Millennials (but have more patience), while the Millennials have the tech-wherewithal but zero patience factor.

Either group, if your website isn't EASY, CLEAR, DIRECT and TO THE POINT on first glance, you've lost both markets, just like that.

When I visited your site, I definitely didn't get a clear vision of who you were or what you were all about. I did notice some striking no-no's. Firstly, you have a dot com site. Why advertise it as a Lebanese site? Go global appeal. Secondly, in terms of what you're selling and the link to why you're selling it, isn't immediately clear (and wasn't really clear even after perusing the site for a few minutes!).

What does OtLoubNow mean, exactly? Does that name match the clients you're looking to attract? Why such a vast array of products? Is there a reason behind that (ie. your business name explains this?) I honestly couldn't make heads or tails of the website and I've built many of my own over the years.

For example, when you visit my website, it clearly states you've reached the page of the #1 Celebrity Numerologist in the World. Black and white.

I think you need to take a step back and view things from a prospective customer's vantage point. I'm sure you'll see what I did. It may be crystal clear to you but I'm sure you can see why I got lost right off the bat, not knowing anything about you or your business at all.

I truly hope this shifts your perspective and creates an "ah-ha" moment for you so you can understand, change and turn your business around, for the better :)

Michelle Arbeau
#1 Celebrity Numerologist in the World, 2-Time Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker
CEO, Authentic You Media
Featured Columnist, Face/Brand of http://www.LotteryUSA.com
Ph: 323-252-5169
Talent Agent: tammy@thenatomagroup.com
Literary Agent: Italia@ghliterary.com
Publicist: kats@llewellyn.com

Anonymous User

The very first thing you must do with your website is on-page SEO, which includes content on your website, product quality, and the presentation of the website.

If it's worth for your customers, you don't need to do much. If the customer finds your product affordable and of use to them, they will go for it.

You can also contact Orange County Website Design and SEO Company for help: https://www.1ezconsulting.com/


You can also add email notification (from providers like mailgun.com) and SMS notifications ( from providers like springedge.com) for user registration confirmation or welcome notification.

This notification will help you to get more visitors and engage with customers when they land on your website.


I like your website a lot, I would like to get something similar for me too. But these days I prefer using the help of the guys from https://weblium.com instead. I think they might come in handy to you too. They also provide a great drag-and-drop website builder which you will be able to easily use on your own. What do you think about it?

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