What is the apt accounting software for start-ups?

I want to know an apt accounting software that can be employed by a start-up concern. By this, I mean a software that includes all the mandatory features and is at a reasonable rate.

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As a consultant working with start-ups.... go right to Quickbooks and get started. Do not spend time comparing applications as that is a time suck on something that is pretty basic in small business as majority bookkeepers and accountants use QB... no need to recreate the wheel.

Then you can say - good, that's solved, what next should I focus on? PS - it should be something about generating revenue:))))


Well there are dozens upon dozens of accounting platforms. Some online. Some desktop.

The industry standard is QuickBooks. But there is Peachtree, Xero, Manchilla, Freshbooks, Wave to name a few.


Definitely QuickBooks Online. Handles all of the basic needs, is available for you anywhere/anytime and has dozens of add-on apps you can draw on as you grow.


I hope all your demands could be met perfectly with Handdy Accounts (www.handdy.com/accounts). The application serves for a self employed, start up businesses to a larger organization that doesn't wish to expend their time greater in handling the complexity with accounts. Probably this would be a tending option for you!

Good luck:)


Agree with Steve Gill...24/7 access, anytime and anywhere. Check your Find a ProAdvisor website to get help setting up, and with 3rd party apps if needed!


With QBO they can do it all virtually with Go To Meeting or Google Hangout!

we can help if you need it! QBO Pro . com

Good Luck!


QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a great option to consider as John Redmond suggested. If you like, find a ProAdvisor using the link provided who may offer a discount on monthly subscription and help you set up the accounts in the correct manner.


There are a lot of accounting softwares (HDPOS) available in the market, just go for a trial basis and analyze which one is best fit for your business.


If you are looking for a large accounting, QuickBooks bookkeeping services, you need to check the options for QuickBooks accounting online. Today, more and more people are looking for a good accountant who is educated and prepared with all the information they need.

QuickBooks is by far the best accounting software is there. If you are a business, you want to use QuickBooks bookkeeping expert to get what you need and obtain the financial software that can do everything you need. What you will find an account with QuickBooks online is that you can follow the cycle of accounting, from beginning to end and get all the information you need to file your taxes.

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