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Anonymous User

What is the best CRM software?

I currently use zoho crm software and while it does the job it is not ideal for our business. I don't find it very user friendly and it confuses leads, accounts and potentials.It's not as easy to use as I'd like and can be time-consuming to use.

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I think this depends a lot on your business and your business needs. We previously used Salesforce and liked it, but some of the changes made it difficult for our sales team to navigate and for our systems to "talk." We switched to OnContact CRM 7, a virtually unknown CRM, because we could customize it to the point where it is very fluid for our business.

Hindsight is 50/50 though. Sure, our CRM fits our sales needs very specifically, but it does not have an API to connect with our Marketing Automation, which was not a need before and is now. Now we need to spend more time, effort, and money to create a fix.

Regardless of which CRM you choose, look at the big picture and make sure it will fit with your long-term goals and needs. A MA system would have solved the problems of two departments - sales and marketing - and would have been stronger together than separate.

Good luck with your CRM sourcing and growing your business!

Anonymous User

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the feedback about salesforce. From reviews I've seen its similar to zoho in that it's hard to customize to the point you need. I will look into it and oncontact as well. I agree that an MA would be better so I may head in that direction!


Hey Lynn,

I agree with Jffe, there are no best CRM. Having said that, i would recommend signing up for free CRM services to test it out. I would recommend these features:

1. Customization
2. Pricing
3. Integration with other services
4. simplicity and ease of use
5. Remote and online access
6. mobile access

You can check Insightly as well.

im agree with you!


Lynn ...I believe there isn't one best CRM. It really depends on what your budget is, do you want a social (media) element to it and what do you want to do with it. Also, does it have open API — meaning it has the ability to interconnect with other software, like email (MailChimp), social media (e.g. HootSuite), et cetera. One example is BatchBook.

An alternative would be to use marketing automation (MA). Almost all MA platforms have CRM built into them and enable you to identify and track visitors to your website deepen than Google Analytics on its own. Additionally, you can use their behavior to send them content to nurture the lead through the buying cycle.

A couple of relatively low cost MA platforms are Hatchbuck and SpringSharp. HubSpot has also come out with a FREE product for WordPress called Leadin. You might want to check it out.

Anonymous User

Hi Jeff,

It would be great to have one that does have a social media element to it especially linkedin and have an open API. I'm looking into MA after some of the comments here today so thank you for your suggests. I'm grateful for all the help you and everyone else has offered :)

Lynn ... There are about 20 different MA platforms running the gambit from Hatchbuck for about $100 per month, but it doesn't include visitor ID and a few other features to the high end Marketo and alike that can run $1000+ per month. You might want to check out https://www.g2crowd.com/categories/marketing-automation and http://raabguide.com/ during your MA investigation.


I think this depends a lot on the size of your business and number of departments.

I have worked at several companies with several different CRM's and my favorite so far is Teamwork. Teamwork is great for integrating the sales department with the production department and is extremely user friendly. Our company upgraded to this CRM when our sales team grew - so if you are a smaller business this may not be the best fit for you.

Hope this is helpful!


It all depends on the size of your salesforce and the needs. I think the most important feature to look for is flexibility. A system that allows you to customize it according to your needs. We implemented saleforce.com as it allowed us to adapt it to our sales cycle and gave us all the features we needed.

Anonymous User

Hi Hans,

Tha'ts exactly what I want, flexibility to adapt the crm to fit our business. A number of people have mentioned salesforce as well so I will look into it. Thanks


Good Question Lynn.
Like others the best CRM is one that works for you.
By that I mean it's a system that is adaptable to what your company is doing, not only in the Sales area, but also in other aspects of your business.
It should be a system that allows you to set it up according to your requirements and language, not only English / French but also industry terminology,
I must confess, I am the Director of Business Development of a CRM company.
So I do have a vested interest.

ACE CRM has been servicing clients for just over 41 years in the USA. and for a lesser time globally.
Each field is fully adaptable, both in script and functionality. You can even set up a field for phonetic spelling. It also contains a photo section with each contact page, which is great to aspects like HR, Stock ID, Hire equipment, warrantee / repairs, rental condition reports, property listings, and so on.
On top of this there are "Sales Funnels" which you can set up according to how you conduct business, Ie. Prospect, Suspect. Tender, Quotes, Orders won, Lost. as will as the standard Hot, Cold, VIP, A,B,C.
Transfer of existing data is via CSV files.
On top of this there is a very dedicated tech service team that will provide 90+ support for Free, for the first year, and then free as a tech support members which is a very minimal cost per licence.
We also have a 14 day full version free trial, which also includes free tech help.
All product updated to the current version is also free to each client.

If you want to check it out click on to: wwwgoacecom
If you want to contact me click on to : george@goacecom

Anonymous User

Hi George,

The thing is we are a small employee engagement business but we work with large brands and we are growing rapidly so we need to effectively run our sales and marketing. We don't need thngs like stock ID, hire equipment, property listing. I am intrigued though as you say it is adaptable and encorporates other areas of the business. I will have a look at your site and be in touch if we'd like to use you.

Thank you

Anonymous User

Hi! I use Daylite, and if you are on mac, or apple, it really works nicely!!!


I would say unequivocally Salesforce. Also, SF has many different membership levels that you can tailor based on your sales needs. It's not offered a one size fits all package which is great.


I use a product called SalesNexus www.salesnexus.com. It is very simple and easy to use which makes it really easy to manage contacts and stay in touch by tracking and scheduling follow ups.

But one of the reasons that I moved over to that system was that it has a very strong email marketing/automation component. I am able to not only send out mass emails for drip marketing but I also have created templates so I can quickly send those one off emails like follow up, informational, etc.

They also have really good service, better than anyone else that I have used, a chat window to help answer any of your questions. Good luck!


Zoho is a bit of sledge hammer when you just might need a nutcracker! I use it but it's intense.

Check out Insightly and see if that's a match.

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