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What is the best inventory management software?

I am launching an online retail site selling consumer product goods and want to know what would be the best solution which is scalable, cloud-based and includes accounting, reporting and CRM. What do other small e-retailer businesses find most useful?

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Congrats on your launch! Always happy to support entrepreneurship! Not a very easy question to answer though!. Most "launchers" don't have a budget for a major accounting system and probably wouldn't have the staff to manage it anyhow. I would suggest you first speak with your web designers (if its not you) and find out what e-commerce platform you are using. You'll be able to use that information to find out what it might integrate with. Then you can look into those GL/reporting systems and compare that to your budget. I'm sure that's not the answer you were looking for but hopefully it points you in a good direction. Let me know if we can help...Rich V.

Thank you Richard. I don't have big budget but need to know what other small online retailers use.

I think someone else also mentioned this but QuickBooks is one of the most popular small business softwares. My clients have used it extensively for warehouse management. But can't offer too much insight as to direct integration with e-commerce platforms. I worked with one client that actually kept them separate, but once a month they had to make a manual journal entry in the QuickBooks to reflect warehouse activity. Lack of integration defeats the purpose and adds to complexity so I'd prefer to help you find something that integrates.


This depends on the size and scope of your business. For integrated accounting, rich reporting and full chain CRM, I have worked with Zoho with some success for a client for a short engagement. I have also heard good things about Tradepoint. Full disclosure: I have no ties to either of these companies.

Thanks Lance, just what I was hoping to hear about. I will definitely look these up!

Hope they match up with you needs. It is always a guessing game without some idea of company size, already installed software and even company culture.

Anonymous User

Hey Leigh,

If you're start up then I will suggest to go with Open Sources Inventory Management System like https://www.odoo.com/page/warehouse or if you want we suggest and implement other open source Inventory Management system too with your website.

Thank you,

Best Regards,
Atul Kumar


might want to check in with your local Score chapter.
Our chapter has roundtable discussion forums for topics like this.
Not only is it informative but you may find other users - for a local support group.
God Luck!

Thanks Doug, I have reached out a couple of times to my local SCORE chapter but haven't met anyone doing anything remotely similar to what I do nor anyone in my industry. Will keep trying though.

Anonymous User

Hi Leigh.
When we design eCommerce sites we generally refer to services such as BigCommerce, where inventory management and analytics is tracked and managed as part of their service offer. Perhaps also look at Wave Apps for the financial reporting. There are many CRM systems out there but depending on your budget, you may find SalesForce useful.
Have a look at BigCommerce if you havent already built out your site. Its a solid eCommerce platform and comes loaded with features.
If you need any help, you can find me at 74by2.
Best of luck on your online store :-)

Thank you Taner, BigCommerce or ShoppingCart Elite would have worked perfectly had I not already bought a very expensive website. These only work well if you let them build it for you.sigh.

Anonymous User

The good news is at least you've got a site and you're online! :-)
The beauty of BigCommerce (or other platforms) is that you can have any experienced eCommerce developers build out the designs of these sites. We do it and now find more of our incoming clients are starting to go in that direction.
Sorry if I couldnt be of more help. Keep selling and making people happy.
Onwards & Upwards!


There are many, but I believe that Quick Books has recently come out with a long awaited inventory control software package with some great management control reporting options.

Hi Robert and thanks. Yes QB has some good modules but it is rather pricey.


Most small e-retailers use WooCommerce with WordPress ...

That is beginning to look like the solution. That or QuickBooks... Thanks.


I'll have to say Sage X3. It is a one-stop-shop with everything you need.

Thank you Frans. I spoke with and they said for a startup I use Sage 50 instead and boy is it expensive! $360 just for basic, then more for each module. 2nd year it would be $479 basic plus mods. I will keep looking..


It’s important to choose an appropriate inventory management system according to your business requirements. Try Contalog is a cloud based inventory management software and multi-channel digital commerce platform for B2B and B2C businesses.

It’s hosted on Amazon cloud (AWS) and the platform is highly scalable and secured. They are providing complete digital commerce solution for online and offline selling products. We are providing inventory management system for an online store, mobile app, marketplace integration, B2B portal, field’s sales app, retail associate platform. Have a look : https://www.contalog.com/inventory-management-software.php

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