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What is the best plugin to make my site responsive on all platforms?

I have a wordpress site that has a basic free them from wordpress,
What is the best way to make my site responsive on all platforms or is there a good plugin that would take care of this?

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Hi Bilal,

The responsiveness of your site is more related to the theme you are using than a plugin. One option would be to use a free or inexpensive responsive theme.

Rick is correct. A responsive theme is what will make your site responsive--no need to worry about a plugin. Just Google "free responsive wordpress themes" to find them. If you want to spend some money, you can find plenty of very nice, professionally designed, responsive themes for USD20-60 on a site like Themeforest.net.


The general advice is to find a theme that is fully responsive out of the box. A responsive plugin is likely to be full of bloatware, resulting in a roundabout way to achieve a mobile friendly site and often slower to load than a decent theme to begin with. Less is better when it comes to plugins.


Hi Bilal,

As Rick Silver said, Responsive, or mobile-friendly site will depend on the theme and whether it uses bootstrap framework or not. You can add Bootstrap framework but that will be a lot of work if you are not familiar with theme design depending/customization.

Save yourself some Aleve (or any pain killer of choice) and get yourself a free responsive WordPress theme! Just remember that not all WordPress themes are created equal, and that is why I recommend, if possible, to spend a little bit of money and get yourself a good professional WordPress theme.

If you are going to purchase a professional WordPress theme, then make sure to check the theme's features and whether it fits your needs or not (that would depend on your niche)! Also, make sure that your theme is lightweight and not bloated with unnecessary features! Please help make the Internet fast!

You can check out the following WordPress theme sites:

http://www.rockettheme.com/wordpress/themes (Great support when needed)
http://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/ (Various themes for various niches)

The above are the ones I use and trust but I am sure that a WordPress professional can recommend the best WordPress theme designer!

Hope this helps and I wish you good look!


Which builder are you using, if you are using Joomla WordPress or Drupal, instead of seeking a plug in, you can select a responsive theme. Where you click to select or upload a theme you will an in site search bar on the upper right hand quadrant of the screen. Type the word responsive and a selection of responsive themes will appear, if your site is already live and you just do not want to update your style, then your best bet would to create a child, which is an adaptive plug in for the creation of additional functionality, this code then is dropped in the css editor according to its instructions, some will say drop code anywhere, others specify top bottom or after ...To protect your sites security and avoid unwanted issues later on, the best is still with the use of a responsive theme. There is a wonderful selection of free responsive themes with lots of easily customized features to keep the design unique and your own


It is relatively easy to do the responsive part in css, you can start with a bootstrap framework which is free and easy to use.


Buy a responsive theme.


I would suggest to find relevant responsive theme which are already built in many sites as premium themes.


Plugin is not the efficient way make a website responsive. we will recommend you to do it by manually (through CSS customization). Can you share your existing website URL?


HI Bital, there is no plugin to make your website responsive. You got a few choice to have a responsive website :
- You use a responsive theme (for a cms such as wordpress, magento, ...)
- You use a standard html5 responsive theme
- You write your own .css files to make your theme responsive
- You use javascript to redirect user to an alternative theme (that is called adaptative solution)


Thank you all for your genuine answer, my choice would be a responsive theme.

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