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What are the best POS systems for restaurants?

I am looking for recommendations on the best POS system for restaurants. My restaurant will have 38 tables, mostly 4-tops. Which POS would your recommend and how many terminals would I need for roughly a 40 table size restaurant?

Some other considers I have:

1. A system that makes it easy to do split checks.
2. A way to ring in appetizers/entrees together with appropriate bill times for the kitchen to manage which menu items come out first.
3. An easy way to make communicate modifications to menu items on the POS.

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I have three 30-seat cafe restaurants, and I use Revel POS. It is all iPad based, and runs off installed apps.

The back end is a cloud based CRM (for want of a better word), that quickly enables updates, menu item changes, pricing to be changed on site or back home in my office, or for that matter, anywhere I have internet access.

The support is really good, takes about 30 minutes to install on site, and errors are quickly rectified.

Its been easily scaleable so far.

The staff like using the iPad in store as the main terminal, and we've been able to install secondary wall based iPads as ordering stations quickly and easily.


Touch Bistro, Toast and Clover


There are many different software types available but a few stand out in the hospitality industry. We offer a POS Rental program which includes Clover, ShopKeep and Poynt POS so you would not have to purchase your system or be locked in to high interest leases. I personally have 24 years of experience in the payments and point of sale industry and would be happy to help.


Ambur POS by a company named Shopkeep. amburapp.com. I am a F&B Consultant and I used this POS on my last project. Simple, efficient and easy to use. Also uses hand held tablets for you wait staff. Items can be put into the system and held as other items go through to the kitchen, so the control with regard to firing times would rest with the front of house staff. Split checks can also be done several ways. You can also split the cost of a single item. Have a look at it. Their customer service is very responsive also and it is an affordable system. Menu items are also easily manipulated. It is an IOS (Apple) based system. Let me know what you think and how it goes..... Cheers


Although we don't use it, I recommend touch bistro. It's a very complete solution. Check them out.


I would highly recommend POSist. It is a complete restaurant technology platform, providing all types of billing, inventory management, CRM, and reporting solutions for restaurants. I personally find it easy to use and has all the features that you have listed. Split billing, ringing in appetizers with the bill times, integrated menu management and recipe management etc are all there. You can check it out here: www.posist.com.

The number of terminals needed actually depends on the area and size of your outlet and the covers. For 38 tables, having 4 tops, anything between 1-3 terminals should work for you.

Hope this helped :)


If you want a system that completely blows all others away, offers customer recognition, loyalty and all sorts of other must-have solutions for marketing and loyalty, check out




I have past experience with Lightspeed's POS for retail. Lightspeed also offers a restaurant platform that may be worth considering. Fix That Mac is a local reseller. http://lightspeedhq.com/


I'd say go with Aloha POS. We used this software at Universal Studios CW stores such as Gladstone's, Howl at the Moon, etc. and it has all the items in your list and more.

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