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What is the best (preferably free) CRM software for direct sales?

I am new to direct sales and I'm looking for a CRM that caters to the needs of someone in direct sales - without all the extra "big business" tracking stuff that I really don't need.

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You can try hubspot.com free version. It provides limited access but its good.

Who wants limited access?

Then you can create your own free CRM on Google Spreadsheet and share it with your team members.


I would suggest giving Insightly.com a spin - it is free up to at least 1,000 records (I think it may be 2K) then $29 a month. There is an Insightly plugin that works with Outlook (Office 365) and Insightly also integrates with Zapier which is an affordable killer app to add to your toolbox! As someone suggested, Google Sheets might be worth a spin - and it also plays well with Zapier.

Regarding, Insightly - something to consider and one that is easy to set up is a 'zap' (Zapier workflow) that fires when you create a contact in Outlook. The Zap will fire and create the same contact in Insightly so that it can be seen by other members of the team.

I know your questions were specifically regarding a CRM system but if you are looking for a minimalist approach Todoist may be another way to go. There is a free version as well but with a little configuration, you can also integrate that with Zapier.

Why do I keep bringing up Zapier? (Note: I have no relationship with them except as a happy customer.) Imagine getting ready for bed and telling Alexa (or Google) "Add to my calendar call xyz tomorrow at 8 AM" - after a confirmation and if you have set up a Zap - you can have that added to a Google Calendar (a shared one for your team maybe?) then Zapier can fire off a zap that adds it to your Todoist account (basically a fancy task manager) AND if you wanted the zap could replicate the entry to your Outlook Calendar.

A simpler version of Zapier is a product called "IFTT" (If This Then That) which I have tried but it just wasn't a "fit" for me. However, I do know quite a few folks that use it and seem satisfied (esp. for smart home integrations).

If this sounds appealing and you have a question, send me a PM - I do not represent, sell or get a commission from any of these products but have used them all in a professional capacity and can at least steer you in the right direction.


If you are looking for an app, have you tried simple prospect manager - MLM?


There is both Android and iOS and is simple enough.

I've made a test on it but honest I think it is not good and do not get my whole expectations. Sorry if this is your software but this is my honest opinion.

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