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What is the best routing, billing, and maintenance software?

Does anyone have any hands on experience of a good software system in this category that will handle routing, billing, maintenance etc. for a small construction debris clean up company.

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Bottomline Technologies makes modules that will leverage your current solutions and bring them together to make one comprehensive solution. I would look into the modules they offer when your taking different softwares and trying to get them to communicate together. IT's cheper and easier than buying new softwares.

Anonymous User

Hello Stephen,

In my opinion you would need a small ERP system or just some ERP modules.
If you are ok with them and everyone is handling them while the company grows, you can later add more modules. SME shouldn't get complex solutions. They need small starter systems they can build on later


Hi Stephen,

While there are some ready made solutions available, from our experience it is always efficient to build a custom solution meeting your business needs. Considering the third party tools available for like google maps, it should not take more than 3-4 months to build a MVP.

Hope this helps.




Our company has worked with all different types of companies on their core infrastructure that your stuff will run on. There are a bunch of packages large and small for companies like yours; just make sure you have a good foundational server to run them on. One I have heard of is TruckMaster (http://www.truckmaster.com/trucking-software/) - not sure about pricing or feature comparisons, but it's a place to start. Good luck!


Software for service industries, including customer accounting and operations control from a work-order based job tracking system.

Whether performing services scheduled in advance or on an emergency response basis, Summit Service System helps you regain control of your business, improve customer service and job management, and build your business with automatic scheduling of next services (contracts) or automatic repeat business reminders (customer marketing). Service frequencies are tunable to each job, with complete details, diagrams, site photos, and parts inventory control for each technician. Flat-rate pricing or detailed invoicing capabilities are included. Workflow is managed with the Summit dispatch screen, where you have control over technicians' schedules, jobs by priority and service date/time. Additional information screens allow tracking of site tank details, lab samples, manifests, and disposal information. Grease and bio-fuel collectors can quickly manage customer reimbursements. When jobs are completed, a few clicks transform the work orders into payments and invoices. Customer accounting and job history are nearly automatic. The Summit Service System provides advanced tools for a dynamic business.

Anonymous User

Hi Stephen, you can have a look at MyYard (http://www.myyardsoftware.com/). It is an ERP software designed for the waste and scrap industry. It is aimed at skip companies for managing the pick up and drop off of skips and also for keeping track the value of the materials they transfer.


The best approach to this is to layout your must haves, then do a market research to see which product fits your requirements. Their is allot of software that may do bits and pieces but you need to narrow it down. We are similar to what you provide and it took me a year and a half to find a feasible software platform from Connect Wise, but that is specialized for IT. Would you like to set up a consultation?


You should certainly look into the low-cost / no-cost AceRoute that leverage's Google's mapping technology. Find it here: http://www.aceroute.com/


We are not in the construction business or debris cleanup. We are a IT asset disposition and recycling managing de-installs, transportation, resale and end of life recycling nationally.


I have had clients who used Summit Service System from Rittam Technologies (I think that is the vendor) and who liked it, but I do not have any direct experience with the product.

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