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What is the best solution for a payment gateway for startups?

I am looking for a payment gateway for accepting international payments, especially finding high risk business such as Remote Technical support. My company is based out of India.

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The best solution is to first understand how payment gateways get paid. Second is to understand that most payment gateways say they will save you on credit card processing fees. False, those fees are set by the credit cards. Only thing the processor can save you money on is the banking fees and those fees vary widely.
Once you understand all the fees involved then you can make a rational comparison between companies. The company I currently work with does have a presence in India.


Have you looked into Google Wallet or Paypal? Both work with service providers and offer the lowest rates.

Not sure why you or payment gateways would think that 'remote technical support' is a high risk business.

Hello Jeff, Google wallet does not support Indian companies so as Paypal which is why we are looking for an alternate solution.


I do extensive bookkeeping in tax in the Wave Accounting Software. It has an invoice feature that allows you to invoice clients and accept payments from anyone in the world with a credit card.

Of course it depends on the nature of your invoicing. If you are doing e-commerce then perhaps PayPal is a better option.

David Simmonds MBA, CGA
Online Accounting Pro


PayPal is very easy to use. Dwolla only accepts bank accounts. Intuit Payment Network is also very flexible.


Amar, I will say that first you must understand the basics of payment gateways. Which ever one you then decide to use must meet the following requirements: Reliability, Diversity, and must offer you Good rates. These been said, I will suggest Paypal for you since you said your business is outside of India.
Accept my kind regards.


Many of my clients use Braintree as an all in one solution as opposed to sourcing a payment gateway and merchant account from different providers. Some use Stripe, but I'm not certain of Stripe's international capabilities.

More traditional options include Authorize.net and Cybersource.


I would say Shopify is a good international gateway service. I had some small businesses use it. It seems they are fine with it.

give me your number and you can call me on +91-999-018-5786


Hmm, I know quite a few but processor is the important part. Over that you need fraud protection like centurionID.com PM me with questions.


Thank you all for your inputs . Unfortunately I have not found a solution so far which can support International payments with any of these. Your valuable inputs are much appreciated. 80% of them need a U.S registered business & 20% they don't allow Indian companies.


I offer merchant services. send me a note so I can call you to discuss further.

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