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What is the best way to source essays for a book?

I want to compile a special interest book with the essays of real people; or get people to actually write and contribute to the book. So far I've been talking with authors and sourcing material from blogs, newspapers, and other media.

What is the best way to make this happen?

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It is about approaching people directly bot email or text message and approach this who you know or who you know have an unusual or unique idea that others besides yourself would like to have more knowledge. It just needs an into chapter by you and a end by you and you can write a few pages between them linking them together if that is appropriate. If you want a publisher it will have to be edited by them and then lined up so that is about a year from the final manuscript. Or you can use Amazon publisher and do it self published. But it is about relationships when asking others.


Bryan, this is not my field but it seems as if you are on a good path. I can recommend you reach out to my colleague Connie Dunn. She is a nuts and bolts down to earth guide to all things writing and publishing. Check her out at http://publishwithconnie.com/.


It sounds like you are using the correct methodology. People like to talk about themselves so you have to ask them for stories regarding the topics that are valid for your book. Contact the experts or those with experience in the stated fields and ask them to relate the stories. When I wrote my auto-bio it was relatively easy as I had been telling the stories for many years and I had kept good notes and good records. If you are sourcing from published accounts you have to be careful to get attribution rights and permission for anything that is copywrited.

Wishing you the best of luck and if you need anything further feel free to ask. (http://thecrazylifeofakidfrombrooklyn.com)


If you asked me to contribute an essay to your book, here are some of the questions I would have for you:
-- Who pays whom for what? Are you paying me to write this for you? Do you want me to pay you to publish it? Or are you looking for a contributed essay?
-- What are you going to do with the book once it's completed? Do you have a publisher lined up? Self-publishing? Ebook? Sell it or give it away? How distributed?
-- If sales revenues are generated, how will they be split? Royalties?
-- Who owns my work? Who owns your proposed book? Would I give up any rights to my material? Can I submit something I've already published? Can I republish elsewhere if I submit it to you?
-- Attribution. Will my byline include contact info for me, so a reader can reach me directly?
-- Who else is going to appear in your book? What's the range of topics? I don't want to be with a bunch of screwball people whose views I don't respect.
-- Is anybody else going to edit my work? I want final say on my words. What about the other contributors? Some people are lousy writers and can't spell.
-- How will it be produced? Will it look professional? Page design, illustrations, binding, cover design, editing, etc.
-- How will the book be promoted? What is the marketing budget? Do you expect me to promote it for you?
-- Do you expect me to purchase copies? How many, at what price?

That's a start.


If you have a website, post a call for essays page with the pertinent information, then get the word out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., including a link to your essay page. You'd probably end up with more than you need and have to select the ones best suited to your purpose. What's the topic?


I think you're on the right track. I would identify potential authors via your research and then contact them to commission "fresh" material related to the specific interest.


I think you are on the right track, particularly if you are going to blogs that are known for having real essays by real people on them like Bubblew or if you are talking audio, Blogradio...


I personally blog, and in my experience, people reaching out to me in an open, honest way, clearly detailing their intentions, and making a request is the most effective way to get results. I blog at seemommarun.com, and can honestly say being clear and direct catches my attention. This can work through emails, calls, etc., and you can always get new resources through networking.


Great idea ! I think you could choose an interesting post, than write via email to it's author and tell him about your idea. I think it is also a nice advertising for a blogger :) You can also order an essay from a professional writer using some special services, like https://www.ozessay.com.au/ , for example.


Hello Bryan,

I would recommend you read this blog post: http://www.fatbit.com/fab/best-online-essay-writing-platform-beats-essayshark-clones-features/ . It can help you in deciding you what to do.


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