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What is the best way to turn customers into repeat customers?

I'm constantly struggling to take happy customers and turn them into repeat customers. What are some fundamental tactics to create repeat customers?

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Hi Carrie. I've always been a believer in striking when the fire is hot. First, it goes without saying that you have to over deliver on your service, and generally be a pleasant person to work with.

Having said that, the best time to offer additional services to your new client is immediately after delivering your just-completed project. It's at this point that your client is in the most receptive mood, and is excited to collaborate with you on the the next challenge.

Keep in touch with your clients, and nurture the relationship. Show genuine interest and concern for their business. There's no need to hard sell… just be there and present, so that when the time comes, you are the first on their list to reach out to.

Good luck!

Steve Menard


Email campaigns have worked well for me. Schedule out offers on certain days of the months to go out to past clients. Also - make sure your past clients are in the know about your business and any new products or products they have not used before. MailChimp is a good free option when it comes to email marketing.

If you have a company where customers purchase things online - retargeting is a great way to turn people into repeat customers as well.

Hope that helps!


The simple answer is to make sure you don’t treat them as JUST Customers, meaning that repeat Customers are much more than a sale – repeat Customers are in a relationship. How long that relationship lasts is based on lots of factors.

Customer Service is the number one factor in building Customer relationships. Customers don’t frequent a business solely based on price, it what they perceive as the value added that a business provides.
• Do they feel welcome?
• Are they called by name?
• Are they thanked (many times) for their business?
• Are they sold “what they need” and not more?
• Are all their expectations met AND exceeded?
• Is their follow-up when appropriate?

All these “value added” services are, pretty much, FREE. When Customer Service is done correctly, then referrals and recommendations will be forthcoming and that is FREE ADVERTISING – and the best kind of advertising – personal endorsement.

Along with proactive Customer Service dynamics, make sure that the Customer’s entire “buying” experience is pleasant.
• Are your products and services “top notch” and “as advertised”?
• Are your staff members knowledgeable?
• Are you Customer contact employees empowered to make decisions within their job functions, or must they “talk to the manager”?
• Is the store or office clean and well maintained?

If a business is able to deliver on the above recommendations, then creating long-term relationships should be easy AND relatively inexpensive.

Kevin McCormack is a "Business Solutions Provider"


Hi Carrie,
Great question.
First of all, you need to establish your products "Life Cycle".
That is how often would you expect your customers to purchase a replacement.

If the life cycle is long, you may want to look at other reasons people may purchase your product. I.e. As a gift, a new fashion / design.
Then you may like to send out some advertisement offering a discount for existing customers who purchase a second unit or a voucher.

In short you need to know the itch cycle or some other reason people purchase, and offer an incentive for them to do so.

Anonymous User

Hi Carrie,

I think Joseph Gedguad has a great point - they need a reason to come back and if the product you sell is great quality they shouldn't be coming back to buy another one! Although, you might be able to get them to recommend your products to friends (peer to peer marketing is a really good way to get new customers).

You could offer deals on the other products in your range - so they could get the whole set etc.

I guess the other question is how long have you been going - if you have only been trading for a short time you may not have hit the natural life of one of your products to be replaced - Joseph's other point about his bag lasting 3 years. You might get fantastic repeat business once people are ready change to a different laptop and therefore need a new bag?

Cheers & best of luck!

Anonymous User

Dear Carrie,

when it comes down to having repeat customers you'll have to try to setup a well structured sales process (plus after sales).
In most cases, customers only have a need until they are reminded of it. For example kids drool over Michael Jordan shoes because they are constantly reminded of how cool they are and how great he was when he wore them. Keep this in mind.

When doing sales you'll need to know how you got your customer but most importantly who they are? This will enable you to setup a baseline on how to approach them for repeat services. For example: some clients are busy people and are always on the go. they'll need a reminder of your services more often than someone who has a less busy schedule. Doing a great job, is one thing but that leaves too much in the hands of the customer.
Customers respond best when you pay attention to them (especially for after sales). For example if your client was complaining about business going slow during your project, follow up on them with that as the main topic and slip in (very subtle) a coupon or promotional campaign that you are doing. This will get you started, until you establish a good enough system to automatize it through "MailChimp" for example. In this phase, your goal will be to segment your clients into groups, once you get them in groups, it will be easy to have a system in place to cater to all of them at the right time.
Keep in mind that there are a few reasons why people don't buy again and it usually comes down to this:
*they don't like your services, the initial buy
*they don't need them at that time
*they aren't convinced yet

Your job will to figure out which one it is, this will have the biggest chance in creating loyalty with your customers and loyalty is the biggest thing that you want otherwise they are not coming back.

I hope this helps, sorry for the long read.


Build relationships with them - stay friends, know the role you/your company/your company's products/services plays in their lives, (know what business you are REALLY in ex. I don't sell drinks at the bar, I help people loosen up after a long day's work) and just play that role to the fullest. This may be not the tactical advice you may be looking for, but it's really just like making friends with your customers, and looking out for them. Doing so, you will be exposed to new opportunities to serve them more, and further retaining their business.

Hope that helps!


Nurture/Grow your relationship with your Customers.
#1 Thank them for being a customer.
#2 Get their feedback
#3 Connect often
#4 Remind them that you are there to help them and you care
#5 Give them the information/offers they need

Build your customer relationship and you will earn lifelong customers, setup the right business process with the right marketing automation tools and very soon you'll be the first one they call.


Carrie ...It's called loyalty. You have to market to customers as equally as you do to get them. Take a page out of the books of LL Bean, Lands End or any other business in your field. They are using all types of email, advertising, social media and alike along with a variety of offers to entice customers to purchase more products.

If you have good quality products at a perceived fair (value) price, provide good customer service and keep visible then you'll get repeat business.


Hi Carrie,

It is easy to turn your existing customers in to lifetime customers by providing them with good offers and complement towards every product they purchase from you. Also you can get reviews and photos and them in your testimonial page to showcase your profile. Share every news of upcoming product and their purpose or or any upgrade of your previous product. These activities keep you and them engage every events happens regarding your business.

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