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What is the best way to turn customers into repeat customers?

I'm constantly struggling to take happy customers and turn them into repeat customers. What are some fundamental tactics to create repeat customers?

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Great question Carrie!

Stay in touch with them! Keep building the relationship. Go back to them with questions about how their initial purchase has worked out and those questions will uncover new opportunities.

Consider an automated nurturing campaign via email.


Just treat them right and keep in touch with them via social media and they will become loyal repeat customers. You need to find out what they are interested in - they will tell you if you ask the right questions.


Do you use a CRM? I would suggest offering incentives for repeat business and referrals. Sending out a survey, online marketing through Social Media to build an engaged audience. You should be reaching out to customers throughout the relationship and being proactive to ensure customer loyalty, especially if your are in the service industry.


Hi Carrie,

The following has worked great for us:
Over the top customer service (client email us and we respond in less than 5 minutes)
We go the extra mile always
fast turn around on projects
Absorb any costs if we underestimate our projects
Great service/products
Newsletter to our existing customer --to stay top of mind

I hope these may work fro your business.

Anonymous User

Fundamentally - you have to think how you shop for products and services and what makes you go back to an existing supplier. Think of any product or service you consume. You will find top 2-3 factors influencing your decision. I just thought about it and in my opinion, among them would be price, quality of service, relevancy of communication with supplier and most important, if there was an issue, how your supplier dealt with it.

Now you map your findings with your customers and see who would value which factor. You will be able to identify that each customer is unique and their expectation would vary. But, if you know your customer enough - you will know the answer.

And, if you do not know your customer enough - then probably it is first issue to be resolved and you need to meet and build relationship with them and understand the factors important to them - and then you are well informed to do what needs to be done.

Hope my perspective helps you.


Give them just a little bit more than they expect. The principle of the bakers dozen. I wrote an article on this which describes it fully and which will g a long way to turning customers into repeat and loyel customers or clients. http://authorservices.org/bakers-dozen.shtml

Anonymous User

Hello Carrie, At the risk of sounding glib (which I don't intend to be) the best way is to give them excellent service! I like the saying under promise and over deliver, as it sums up the best way to make customers feel that you have gone that extra mile for them, and that they are special to you.
What you seek is the holy grail that even the biggest global brands would like more of so don't beat yourself up too much if some of your clients are promiscuous.
I hope this both helps and give you more confidence in yourself and your proposition.


Hi Carrie ~

There are a lot of fabulous answers here, but what I haven't seen anyone suggest so far is asking for referrals and recommendations. When a satisfied customer thanks you via email, chat, or some other format besides phone, capture their words and send it to them with a polite note, saying something like, "I appreciate your kind comments so much and would love to share them. May I post the following on my website? Or feel free to edit. Thank you!" In my experience, just about everyone will be delighted to let you use the testimonial, especially if you add that you'll include a link back to their site. This is a win-win.

You can also (separately or in addition to the testimonial request) ask who else would be a good fit for your product, and ask if your client would be willing to broker a brief introduction; something as simple as a group message to you and their contact, introducing you to one another and suggesting that you might be able to help the other business with their needs. I've gotten some excellent new business this way. Always keep your original client apprised of the status of the new contact, and be sure to thank them profusely when the new contact becomes an account!

Hope this helps ~

Anonymous User

I agree with most of the comments that it depends on which industry you are in. Anything with relates to human interaction you need to keep HEART Model in mind;

H Hear and Understand

E Emphitise

A Act with Integrity / Do not fear to apologise

R Resolve the issues / Respect Diver­sity

T Thank them for their business / Tran­scend Yourself


If you have happy customers - then you have solved their problems. To keep repeat customers - you have to find unhappy customers who need their problems solved. If your customers are happy - that's great - you cannot fix what is not broken when you've solved the problems of your customer at that point. They will come back to you when they are in trouble again - but you need more. You may want to consider finding other customers that have the problems you are so good at fixing by starting with your existing customers and asking for the referral. That would be a fundamental tactic to start with.

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