What is the best way to write mobile app specs?

I spoke to many app developers and they suggest I write the mobile app specs to get the right quotes. Can someone tell me what is the best way to write mobile app specs? Is there a template or guidelines I can follow?

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Well, the best way is the simplest way that you can follow. You should first figure out what different type of users your app is having, like in case of a grocery delivery app you shall have end users (ordering grocery), suppliers, admins and even delivery guys. Then you define how the app works of each kind of user, like signup via fb, search bar to explore nearby grocery shops, create an order, add to cart and so on. Do the same for other users and that should be sufficient for an app developer to know what you exactly need.

There is a free app development template also, that you can download and know how to write an app specification template http://www.agicent.com/download-app-specs-template.

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