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What is the best webinar platform?

A lot has changed in the past 3 years; including Google's addition to Hangouts on Air, and wrappers like WebinarJam and Webinar OnAir. I'd like to get the community's input on the best webinar platform for 2015.

GoToWebinar, ON24, WebEX, Adobe Connect, Hangouts on Air, Webinars OnAir, WebinarJam, Join.Me, MeetingBurner, Fuze, ClickWebinar, AnyMeeting, Nasdaq OMX, or something else?

For clarity, I consider webinars, interactive (support for polls, chat, quizzes, etc.) sessions with registration/attendance targets above 200 simultaneous users.

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In my experience there are many websites dedicated to answering this question where they provide details supporting the top 5-10 products. With this high level of competition it is more true then ever that there is no one best choice. Rather, each of us is likely to react differently to the available choices. Here in my opinion are the 5 best review sites.

This said since most have similar functionality, I personally tend to divide them based on price point. Using this criteria I have created five groupings for you to consider in your personal quest for the best.

- Most Advertized: GotoWebinar, ON24
- Free Option for up to 10 attendees: Join.me, Meeting Burner
- Under $20 for 25 attendees: AnyMeeting, Fuze, WebinarsOnAir
- Less than $100 for 100 attendees: ClickWebinar, GoToWebinar, WebEx
- More than 100 attendess: ClickWebinar, GoToWebinar, WebEx

Meeting Burner is my new low cost favorite (excellent features as reported on kikolani.com) and GoToMeeting is my aspiration product for the future. I've had the most experience with GoToWebinar. It is ok but the webinars I've attended using it also use a separate chat room which is less than effective.

On24 states it has custom options and uses this as an excuse for not posting clear pricing. This alone is enough for me to elimate them as a choice. This is old style push marketing and it quite rightly turns away most potential buyers.
- The Pragmatic Web Designer

Both Gina Storr and Mike Hence are recommending Google Hangouts. With Hangouts you can do a live video call with up to 10 friends for FREE. My interest is peaked and recommend that you give it a try. I know I will. - PWD

Hi John. While only 10 ppl can "be on the hangout" you can share your live broadcast with anyone You can't invite the public to join a Hangout on Air, but you can open the broadcast for public viewing.

Gina, you are right. And that ability alone is enough to make Google Hangouts a great choice for the cost conscious. Also, WebinarJam and Webinars on Air are two different approaches for making it even easier to manage and extend the usefulness of Google Hangouts. WebinarJam is $297 a year for unlimited attendees. Webinars OnAir is $19.97 monthly for 25 attendees, $59.97 monthly for 500 attendees and $99.97 monthly for 5,000 attendees. All three options (Google Hangouts, WebinarJam and Webinars OnAir) should be be added to my 5 groupings. Google Hangouts in the Free Option, Webinars On Air and in the under $20 for 25 attendees. WebinarJam doesn't quite make the under $20 for 25 attendees, but it stands out at $297 year (approximately $25 month) for unlimited attendees. I have to admit that I would take a serious look at WebinarJam.


I prefer GoToWebinar

Dana, my experience of GoToWebinar may not be typical or fair. I've been taking iThemes courses and they use a separate chat program. I don't know why. I should ask, but haven't. Using two programs, however, is not ideal. I would like to try GoToWebinar and use their built-in chat functionality. I'll bet it shines if used properly. - PWD


I like Google Hangouts and for Free there are tons of great features. Only thing is the learning curve to really take advantage of all those great feature and ensure you are recording etc can be challenging for many.

My other fav is Meeting Burner. For some reason it just seems a lot "calmer" if that makes any sense. Easy to use and the Free version is great for a quick group meeting of 10 or less. The prices for the paid version I think is reasonable.

Except for 1 company on that list from Dr. John all the majority of those companies revenue are coming from affiliate sales from every company that they are "reviewing" or letting the community review. Remember even though some of those are community reviews the review site owners still have full control over review publication on their site.

With that in mind there are many strategies to finding out what the best webinar platform is but in the end it really all depends on your needs. I personally recommend Google Business Hangouts.

Here is a newly released webinar platform I recelty learned about which I am currently checking out and so far I am loving it: http://seastarconnect.com/webtools1


Go to meeting. Or got webinar are the two I would recommend.

Anonymous User

Depending on the creative control you want to have if you don't find anything you like you could try VLC (Which is free and open source) streaming to a page you set up to handle comments and questions. File that away as a backup plan because it can be one of the best ways to do it if the pages are moderated independently etc.


try ClickMeeting :-)

Anonymous User

For myself, I definitely chose http://etutorium.pl (there is also english version) after the free trial period. Further price fully justified itself.

Best webinar platform is R-HUB web conferencing servers http://www.rhubcom.com/v5/webinar.html Reason being when you have an R-HUB server, your attendees are virtually guaranteed problem-free access when joining your webinars. As long as an attendee has an Internet browser on their computers or mobile devices, he can join.


You may try R-HUB web conferencing servers for conducting webinars.


Business Hangouts definitely. It's fully integrated with gsuite so you can collaborate with documents, like surveys or pools. It has a unified chat with lots of features you keep you organized when presenting.

You can have up to 1,000 attendees I believe and it's very easy for attendees to enter the event - they simply click the event link you send them. It's worth trying it out for the free trial.


GotoWebinar is best.

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