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What is the cost estimate for a very basic mobile site design?

A couple weeks ago I asked a question about search traffic and got great feedback. The responses promoted me to dive more into our analytics and I learned almost one third of our traffic is coming from mobile. Right now our site is not mobile friendly. We only need 3-5 of the webpages to be mobile friendly. Can anyone supply a rough estimate of the services cost?

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US$1000 if you use a small firm with minimal overhead. Less if you go smaller and/or into the freelance world. More if you go bigger, encountering firms with larger overhead. Web design is a commodity now, meaning that there is lots of competition at local, national and even international levels, so the ball is in your court. Yet, you still tend to get what you pay for.

You can keep your costs down if you are prepared and can illustrate how you are prepared. For example, a majority of small firms I have done web work for do not have a digital version of their logo. Yes this is recent, say post 2010, all the way up through this past year. If you lack a logo, then someone needs to spend time recreating that file in a format they can then use on your pages. That time of course costs you money.

Similarly, do you have jpgs of the objects you want on your mobile pages? Have you pre-written the copy you want on those pages? Basically all the content you want displayed on these revised pages - does it already exist in a file & fomat (also large enough) that is good enough for use? If the firm you hire needs to spend time prepping the content, that will cost you money. A simple naming system for your content files would be nice too.

Of course it goes without saying that you have all the needed passwords to the server hosting your site, etc.

For me, the smaller the client is, the more time I end up spending on content issues not HTML/CSS/PHP-type issues. Irony here - smaller clients tend to be more cost sensitive, yet they tend to be less prepared, which ends up costing time and (their) money. If you can get a good handle on your content and spend some of your internal time on content preparation and you can get your developer to see that their time with be efficiently used, you might get a revised site that is close to your estimated cost and not one that goes above due to 'unforeseen' issues that more often than not is content related.

my .02

Many web site templates already have a mobile-device compatible component built in. That means, when you build your regular web site, you will pretty much get the mobile-device compatibility as part of the package. This is especially true with WordPress. Another way to get a mobile web site without having to change your regular web site is Dudamobile.

Anonymous User

Dear Andrew,

You have not mentioned your website make up (PHP, HTML, etc.). You mention that only a few of your pages are mobile friendly, which makes me wonder what it is you are actually doing!

If your website is designed to be responsive which means it will adapt to the screen size, then you do not need to worry about pages or another website for mobiles. Why waste time, money and effort on another version of your website?

Here are more questions for you to consider:

1. Which pages would you make Mobile Friendly?

2. Why these pages and not others? Can you be 100% sure people on mobile will not visit them?

3. What would Google make of your website and ranking in SERP? It is only partly mobile friendly so would they consider you mobile friendly or not if only part of your website is compliant?

4. Finally and most critically, which size of mobile screen would you make the site to fit? How about Tablets, Phablets, etc.

Your real solution is to stop throwing good money after bad and redesign your website entirely to a responsive design. The advantages of this approach are:

1. You only have to manage 1 site including content, etc.

2. Your entire website can adapt to the screen size of the visitor's device so you do not have to select what pages you duplicate or make mobile friendly.

3. Google will assess your entire site as responsive which will mean better performance in SERP.

4. You do not have to worry about which screen-size, device, etc. as all users will be caters for regardless of the device they use.

The total cost creating a responsive website depends on the number of pages, site functionality, number of languages, etc. so it is impossible to give you a cost without seeing the website first. It is like asking how much does it cost to repair my car without telling the technicians what car you have and what is wrong with.

If you want to send me your website URL, I would be very happy to review it and give you costs on converting the entire site to a responsive design.

I hope this helps.


It looks like your hosting on Blogger.com. If so, or if you're using any of the popular content management systems (CMS) out there to host your site, you might look for a responsive template that can be adapted to your needs. This will solve your mobile problem and would likely be lower cost than paying for new work. Hiring a designer to modify a template should be relatively inexpensive.


300-500$ tops. But you need to understand, building a version that works both in mobile and web would be your best option. I mean something from the scratch.


Hi, Andrew, you can try this calculator: http://howmuchtomakeanapp.com/ and find out the estimate price for your idea.


Well Andrew, if I have to put a finger on a very rough estimate for your case, I would range the cost from $400-$1500. The only difference in the cost would be from the type of developers you choose to hire (freelancers, small firms, outsource to other countries etc.). However, there is one thing you should take care of.

Make sure that these pages are simply just not designed to be responsive to fit into mobile screens. These new pages won't be left on your URL and will cause some serious loss of SEO, which in your case is really important. Make sure you get the job done from a professional who makes the design changes in the base code of the website. The costs can go a little higher because of this too depending on your webpages, but this is definitely a better route.

Matrid Tech

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