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Which is better for web hosting: AWS & GoDaddy?

What is the difference between AWS cloud hosting and GoDaddy hosting? Which one is better for hosting price wise and technology wise?

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Anonymous User

There is nothing substantive in hosting technology that is different. You get Linux servers on Apache or you pay extra to have NT. They all work the same. The concept of "Cloud Hosting" is just marketing tripe as all hosting servers are in a cloud namely, they are not on your premises, they have back ups (hardware, connections, etc), so if a server goes down you get a switch over to another server pretty quickly. So don't fall for that little marketing nonsense.

The real differentiator is service. If you are a big user, you will get everyone's attention but if you are small user in terms of brand and website pages, then good luck as big boys only want big numbers where they can sell specialist services and add ons. If you want to get proper support with personal touch, you should come to us http://www.cognisant-hosting.com/ or other smaller hosting companies.

If you are just chasing the lowest price, then your choice is limitless. There are plenty of companies who will take your money and leave you to fend for yourself.


Hi, I prefer AWS cloud hosting because, Godaddy has got too slow servers and your site crashes most of the time working with them. It's upto you, choose a host that's damn fast or choose a slow hosting which has it's servers going down at any time like Godaddys.


If you want any of these two hostings, then it's AWS.


You are comparing the wrong companies that provide hosting services
AWS- Amazon vs Microsoft Azure vs Google Cloud ( these are good for cloud hosting)
GoDaddy vs HostGator vs BigRock ( these are good for normal web hosting)
You will find thousands of reviews on them, but you have to decide based on your exact requirements, hope this helps.


I think GoDaddy is a better option. It has better pricing and the technology is definitely reliable.


I am not sure which Godaddy plan you are comparing with, but their shared hosting is cheap and affordable. From a technology perspective, AWS is way ahead as their infrastructure is highly reliable and their virtual hosting ensures that your site is never down. From a hosting perspective, AWS might require additional skillsets from your team as they do not manage the servers for you, so you are responsible for security, backup, patch updates and other server management activities. So you make sure you have the tech chops to handle that!

Anonymous User

Technology wise no doubt its AWS and godaddy if you check there review support and uptime you will find lots of complain.
and AWS is never cheap .

Anonymous User

I recommend you to take a look at the service from http://pronse.com/ You can easily compare different hosting providers and ther plans there which will help you choose the most appropriate and suitable solution for you. I think it will be helpful to you and your projects, good luck with it ;)

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