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What is the difference between mobile device testing and mobile application testing?

We are about to do a soft launch of our app. Before we do so I want to make sure we've tested all the possible variables. What kind of tests should we run, should we get user testing involved, any other considerations? Thanks for sharing.

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There are companies that specialize in testing apps. I recommend outsourcing this task, depending on complexity of your app. Also, it'll be expensive both in time and money to test ALL possible variables. You should stick to most critical ones. For example, there is no need to test on first generation Android. Final test plan will all depend on your target market.
If you need referral to a testing company, please feel free to contact me.

Anonymous User

There are lot more difference between Mobile Device Testing and Mobile application testing. For Device testing is fully related to the whole device whether your application is compatible for any device or not, And for Application testing, you have to test particular application which you have developed. the flow of app, design, user interface and many more things which are necessary to test. Most important part is to check all validation you have added for your app whether they are working properly or not...


Hi Eli,

See testing of mobile application is done in multiple stages

1) The first step you should check all the codes written in the app is working properly or giving some errors at the time of launching the app.
2) Secondly, check the UI & UX part of the app so that you can able to verify how the user interface is and all buttons and tabs are working properly in all screen sizes or not.
3) Test your app in different OS versions like for android test the app in (Android Lollipop to Android Oreo) and for iOS test it in iOS 9 to iOS 11. By doing this you will be able to get the outputs of your app on different devices.
4) Now give your app to 4-5 users and tell them use, So that they don't know the working of an app are they able to use it properly or not.
5)) If your App passes all previous test now you are ready t launch it then.

Hope it will be helpful for you. Let me know your thoughts on it.

Anonymous User

Hi Eli

Device testing is the process of testing your App against variation of devices and their Operating Systems. You cannot test your app without a device, so in effect you have to test your app against all available devices.

This is specially important with Android as manufacturers such as Samsung do bespoke Android OS to their own settings. The purest forms of Android are run by Google Pixel range and Lenovo-Motorola Moto range. Most others have done some tweaks to create a unique environment to establish competitive edge.

The same is true of Apple as not all variations of iPhones support all or the latest iOS usually due to memory or performance limitations.

When testing, you need to test the app on various platforms and devices to ensure you iron out any anomalies. Remember, you can point the finger at the device manufacturer but it won't wash with the consumer since they made an investment in the device which is greater than the value of your App.

This is why there are specialist companies that can do this for you. My advice is not to cut corners and invest in proper testing. If you are new at this, the chances are you do not have a “Test Schedule”. You need to create this so that you, or your selected testing lab, knows what it is supposed to be testing. Test schedule should include:

- All functions to be tested (full description what you want to test)
- All scenarios to be tested (full description what you want to test)
- All networks to be tested (full description what you want to test)
- Any optional apps or complimentary apps tested

Don't expect this to be fun because it is not!!

Wishing you great success.


You can try either manual or Automation QA Testing: https://www.oxagile.com/services/software-testing-services/

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