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What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?

I want to know the basic difference between Sales and Marketing?

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Here's the quick answer:

Marketing is getting the buyer's attention. Sales is closing the deal.

I like this one too.


(Some great answers on here!)

Marketing generates interest.
Sales generates revenue.

Anonymous User

I agree 100%
- Marketing Generates Leads
- Sales Converts

Great answer!


Sales is the process to exchange a product or service for money.

Marketing is the process of telling to people to buy a product or service. This telling is defined by the 4P's according to Professor Porter. Product, Price, Place and Promotion. There is a new P today, People.


Marketing primarily informs people about your business and should also tell them you are tapped into their needs and wants.

Sales is the conversation you have on helping people determine if they will buy from you and involves establishing why the value of your services exceeds the price you are charging for them.


Marketing is what gives you exposure in the market place. Its purpose is to gain favorable attention, to educate and persuade people to contact your business. Sales is the personal communication, answering the phone, talking about what the prospect has learned from your marketing and continuing the education about the value your business gives in providing your product/service.

The quality of leads to your business is determined by your marketing, as it needs to pre-sell people. Sales conversion rates from discussion to sale is measuring both the marketing effectiveness and the salespeople. If your marketing is poor quality you'll attract people who talk about price, as they see no difference in what you offer compared to your competitors. This means your conversion rates from sales will be low.

Sales and marketing both need to work together to be able to sell more at higher or full price. When you do this with expertise you can raise your prices 20-40% and convert more leads into sales. It takes intensive, high level training but its very achievable. Then your sales and marketing creates big profit margins.

Hope this answer gives you a better insight.


This is a classic chicken and egg question. The real difference comes down to Marketing being the understanding of those who would buy your product and the communication to that audience in general about the products features, advantage, brand etc. Sales is then converting that message into a direct contact with an individual and having them or their business purchase that product.


Marketing is the strategy of getting ones products or services widely known and accepted by potential clients or customers. It includes planned advertising campaigns, the use of customer service, promotional activities such as using social media, word of mouth, customer feedback and other activities.

Sales are the actin of selling a prodict or service to a customer or client in exchange for something of equal or better value, usually money.

Sales are the expected result of marketing


Great questions, it is easy to lump them into one and sometimes I do that. But the biggest way I can explain it is marketing take the football to the zero to the 50 yard line, and the sales takes it from the 50 yard line to the endzone.

marketing gives you the customer and client, sales has to close them and convert. Hope that helps a little bit.

Great analogy- gave me an interesting visual that really got your point through. Maybe that's just because I'm going through football season withdrawals though. :)


Marketing is strategy. It's about the message or story of your company to attract attention. Sales is tactical. It's about the actions and conversations of engagement to acquire the business.

If you go to the bar to meet and impress a person, you dress up nicely, do your hair, clean your car and your house/room and then stride off into the bar with confidence. You position yourself where you can be seen and you ooze confidence and swagger and you start eye contact with someone you are interested in. You get the bar tender to send them a drink. That's marketing.

That someone makes eye contact back with you and they accept the drink and come and talk to you. You start putting on your best lines and asking them questions to get to know them more to see if their are mutual interests. Then you leave with them (hopefully!). That's sales.

With PPC, yhttps://www.business.com effectually skip over the middle circle which cost you. By avoiding your prospects’ inboxes, you’re only competing with marketers on a SERP, a pertinent website on the GDN, or Facebook / Instagram. You’re also getting a leg up on your contestants, who are probably only using an automatic email funnel to nurture prospects (if they’re doing it at all).


Sales = money in the door.
Marketing = money out the door.
Too many small companies hire "marketing professionals" who don't know how to sell. I've done it myself. People who are great at getting the word out, networking, social media, blogging, ezines, building the list, etc.
...but never actually close a sale.

Yes Mike I totally agree with you. Sale is something earn from your business while marketing is spending time or money on increasing the awareness of the business. But ultimately marketing turns into sale once your business is get noticed by the needed ones.

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