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What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?

I want to know the basic difference between Sales and Marketing?

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Quite simply: Sales is asking for the order, while Marketing is creating a demand in the mind of the customer so that they search for the brand. If done well marketing will drive leads to sales.


Having done both and having been trained in both by company's with the resources to differentiate the functions, allow me to try to make sense of this puzzle. Marketing is a support function for sales. Sales includes (usually) sourcing & qualifying prospects, serving as the interface between the company and the prospect/customer, dealing with all issues in obtaining the order and ensuring after sale customer satisfaction. Marketing includes all of the elements of communicating with the market as a whole: pricing recommendations, lead generation, advertising & promotion, branding, P/R, market research, segmentation recommendations, product/service education, market planning, etc. If the size and company resources permit, separating the functions help to keep everyone focused on task. Make the sales function successful.


Marketing is the "sizzle", sales is the "steak".
Marketing is all the noise to get the customer's attention. Sales is "cha-ching".

Here is one scenario:

Jane is watching TV, she sees an advertisement for XYZ car. While commuting to work, she hears XYZ car ad on the radio, and at home she receives a mailer from XYZ dealer.
That was marketing.

Now, Jane goes to the dealership and meets John.
John explains all the features and tries to cut the best deal. John's manager makes sure that the dealership is clean, staff are welcoming and courteous, and there is free cookie and coffee in the waiting area. Jane is impressed by XYZ car and the service, and buys the car --> "cha-ching"!


For me:

Sales is exchanging a service/product that I have for money from someone.
Marketing is creating the need for that someone to buy it.

You could have a 100 strong team of marketers... but without a sales man to pick up those checks.. you'll be closing down real soon.

: )


Marketing decides on what products the company can sell, identifying target markets and sales opportunities. They determine the advertising strategy.

Sales job is to be the feet on the street that actually get the product sold by convincing the customers that they can't live without it. They educate the customer.


Marketing is the entire process of how a company determines how and who to promote its products or services to. Sales involves the actual interaction with customers or prospects to do business with the company.

Anonymous User

For me, the marketing process starts at the conception of the business, product or service. At that point you should be asking questions such as, what do potential customers want from this product, how much will they pay, where do they live, how will the product/service be delivered, etc, etc.

The answers to these questions influence the design of the product, the route to market, the advertising and, yes, the sales techniques.


Sales generates immediate revenue and marketing promotes the business.


Marketing is the act of creating awareness about you, your company and it's products and services. Examples...

a web strategy like Linkedin, Facebook, Website, Landing Page
a direct marketing stately like direct mail, cold calling, flyers, direct email
a networking strategy like events, be they personal or professional
a speaking strategy like speaking at an event, conference, etc
and many more...

Sales is the act earning the business - trading money (or something of equal value - but usually money) for your product or service.


Marketing is the identification of the messages you want to deliver to the marketplace that differentiate you from your competition and define you to your clients and the best usage of the tools available to get the messages and image into the marketplace....
Sales is the system that uses those messages and delivers them to prospects, explaining why those differentiators are of benefit to the prospect and consummates the engagement between the client and service/product provider

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