What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?

I want to know the basic difference between Sales and Marketing?

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Thank you for your prompt response to this question, and this should be the answers to complex questions


(Some great answers on here!)

Marketing generates interest.
Sales generates revenue.

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I agree 100%
- Marketing Generates Leads
- Sales Converts

Great answer!


Here's the quick answer:

Marketing is getting the buyer's attention. Sales is closing the deal.

I like this one too.


Sales and marketing are closely interlinked and are aimed at increasing revenue. As sales and marketing are closely intertwined, it becomes hard to realize the difference between the two. In small firms, one cannot come across much difference between sales and marketing. But bigger firms have made the clear distinction between marketing and sales and they have specialized people handling them independently.

In simple words, sales can be termed as a process which focuses or targets on individuals or small groups. Marketing, on the other hand, targets a larger group or the general public.


Marketing :Marketing is the systematic planning, implementation and control of business activities to bring together buyers and sellers.
Sales: A sale a transaction between two parties where the buyer receives goods (tangible or intangible), services and/or assets in exchange for money. 2) An agreement between a buyer and seller on the price of a security.




Sales is the process to exchange a product or service for money.

Marketing is the process of telling to people to buy a product or service. This telling is defined by the 4P's according to Professor Porter. Product, Price, Place and Promotion. There is a new P today, People.


Marketing is touted
Sales is the exchange of goods ===> turnover
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You get sales by marketing. Marketing is where you promote your product or services thereby increase sales an generate revenue.


The short answer: Sales is getting people to purchase; marketing is positioning your brand within the industry.

They're heavily related with lots of overlap, but are also distinct from each other.

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