What is the difference between web development and web application development?

Is there any difference between web development and web application development and custom application development?

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Basically, any development that is being done for the web can be called Web Development. But to answer your question specifically, the way people use Web Development generally means front-end development (using HTML, CSS, jQuery, etc.) and websites with basic Content Management System (CMS) like Wordpress, Joomla, etc.

Web Application Development or Custom Application Development refers to a more complicated web development process, which includes a data-driven application with distinct front-end, middleware, and back-end (database). Generally, Web Applications use an architecture that is mostly developed using a proper software development methodology like Agile or Lean Development (LD), Rapid Application Development (RAD), etc.

There are multiple programming languages that are used to develop web applications viz:

PHP (Frameworks: Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony)
Node JS (Express.js, Koa.js, Meteor.js, Socket.io)
Ruby (Rails)
Python (Django)

However, development of a web application can be a costly affair (based on the complexity though), and it's really important to find the best team for the same who understand the features and functionalities to the core.

If you're on a tight budget, but still need quality software, the best option is to outsource the application development to any good web application development company in India. Web application development companies in India is where you get good, quality applications at a very reasonable price.

A good web development company can definitely assist you with an appropriate solution and also suggest you the best technologies and programming languages to be used, based on the project requirement.



Basically, when someone says Web Development they usually refer to front-end website. It deals with content (Text, images, design) on the website. It would be designed using (HTML, CSS, Javascript) or a Content Management System (like Wordpress or Drupal).

Web Application involves much work at the back end and server-side coding ( Php, Python, Ruby or Nodejs) it is an application that could be integrated into a website or it could a website that in whole is an application.

A good Mobile or Mobile or Web Application developer user login, form building, payment gateway, inventory management, school application status etc. they could be termed as a web application. As here there is an interaction between the customer (who inputs the data), the server(that stores or analyze the data) to provide the customer with the result.

We provide web and Mobile Application consultancy. Feel free to contact us at Contact@obliqlabs.com

Hope this helps :)


Web development is informational and a web application is interactive.


I prefer using Wordpress for my simple websites and some web design companies for something more complex. I would like to recommend you to take a look at the service from https://weblium.com for this purpose. I think you might find it helpful to you, good luck with it ;)

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