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What is the marketing ideas/trend for Mobile App Development Services?


I'm running a software company, delivers mobile and web applications. I would like to expand my business and planning to start marketing our services globally (specially in US).

Our Strengths are:
> We can develop best performing cross platform(hybrid) mobile apps at low cost.
> We have a team of 10 experts-web & mobile app developers and designers.

I'm researching about the marketing trends and ideas in mobile app development services. Please help me to find the best ideas.

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1.) I've been to your website and you need some help in editing the copy. There are a lot of words and sentences that are disjointed, which is going to be problematic.

2.) You'll need to answer the following questions and more to find the right marketing mix that works for you. You have a lot of competition in this space.

-- What's the benefit that you provide a business?
-- What differentiates you from your competition?
-- Have you defined your target audience?
-- Do you know where your target audience gets their information from and their buying cycle?
-- Do you have case studies, white papers, e-books and other content?
-- What's your sales model? Are you using local sales representatives, do it internally remotely, joint ventures or a mix of all?
-- What's your budget for customer acquisition?

3.) I can tell you that we have received cold calls via telephone from India-based companies trying to sell their services. This is typically a waste of time for both of us since I've never heard of the businesses before.

So what do you do to build brand awareness, generate leads and then nurture them? Create content like case studies and white papers. Host webinars. Use email, search and display digital advertising and public relations.

But before you use the aforementioned tactics you need to develop a strategy and formulate a plan that fits your budget and directly reflects your company's goals.

Anonymous User

I couldn't have said it any better. I also am in the same field and simply doing cold calling brings in little reward for the countless calls being done.
A sound marketing and branding strategy is key to success in actually any business as in the software development business.

Thank you for your valuable comments Jeff. I'm new to entrepreneurship and trying to learn lot of things.

We are planning do Search Engine Optimization and Press Releases, before that I need to identify target audience. Researching on that.


One technique may be to provide a part of the feature set as free and then ask the users to pay for very advanced feature set. This might have more success rate than advertising the features which can be used only after payment which is always a barrier.

Thank you Chandrasekaran for your idea. I'm thinking about that also as we are a start up.


iPad App Development Companies in Malaysia offer amazing app development services as you want iphone ,ios and android platform. we Fluper in the development of native and custom mobile app for different various startups, business, and enterprise on Android, iOS platform.


First, try to pick up the best marketing person which will help you to pick up the business needs by conversating with clients. You need to pay attention to this to grab market influence and expand your business and team. Market demand is increasing as the very large amount of marketers are investing their money in their business app. So check this point maybe it will help you.

The recent trend in the mobile app development is the Virtual reality. Grab the customers need and give them the solution with VR.

Instant apps will make the profit for both you and the businessmen.

Might have chances that AMP plays the vital role for mobile apps with the perspective of SEO. Grab the converting target audience through SEO.

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