What are the most effective ways to drive traffic to a new website?

As my business isn't a walk-in shop, online presence is everything.

Part of my marketing strategy is blog postings, but I need a foundation to drive traffic outside of my local demographic. Are Facebook and Google marketing the only ways to deliver outside traffic from other parts of the country? I'm new to online marketing and SEO so any help would be highly regarded.

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This is a concern I've got too. I've gotten initial traffic on my site where I curate cool things you can buy online typically via social (Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook).

1. On Tumblr, you can follow other users that are in your niche and some will follow you back - additionally, if your content is of value, they'll reblog and you'll gain more followers.

2. On Instagram, you can post quality stuff, and follow/like naturally, and have your website in the bio section.

3. On Reddit you can get massive traffic from the get-go if you post in the appropriate subreddit - just don't forget to be natural. Have a personal account where you promote your business, not a business account. Transparency matters A LOT on Reddit.

4. On Facebook, you can constantly post, while promoting your page via ads. Sure, there are other ways like groups, but I've had success with ads - just a few $ per day towards gaining likes on your page.

Hope that helps.


Below is the link to the website if anybody wants to check it out: Alexander Stone

Thanks in advance for any help.

Get it ranked using search engine optimization.


Hello Vitaly,

I saw your website. The first thing that I would like to suggest is that the homepage must be more attractive. When a visitor comes to your website, there must be something which attracts him, like a good banner or some call to action text, etc. Or just put the video on the top rather than keeping it in the end. This will help your customers know about your service easily.

Coming to the point, there are several other ways to drive traffic to your website other than Facebook & Google.

1. Start bookmarking your blogs
2. Put on classifieds of your service on local classified websites
3. Go for local business listings
4. Target travel websites for guest blogging

You can contact me for any help required about the same.

Thank you!

Thank you for your reply, I have to give it some thought and the reason why I left it at the bottom is to have the special offers closer to the top to increase conversion? I'm not sure how to make the page more interactive. How do I go about bookmarking my blog?


First of all, optimizing your website through on-page SEO techniques to make that more user and search engine friendly. After that make some quality backlinks from high authority websites. It will help to improve your keyword rankings on Google search and also improve organic as well as referral traffic on your website. Make some quality posts on daily basis and share them with the help of social media sites. It will help to improve your social traffic...

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