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What would the title be for a person who manages online listings and reputation management?

We have several Google listings, etc. Also online ratings on several sites. We are looking to hire an expert consultant to monitor these and help correct any listing errors. What would their title be and where is the best place to find someone for this role?

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Community Analyst. You want someone that not only researches your online brand and positioning, but also knows what to do to improve it. On the negative side, there will be "errors" that can be corrected rather easily—like not claiming your business or updating your records on the BBB website. But it's important to understand negative information on the internet doesn't disappear, it has to be displaced by positive information about your business. This pushes it down the results page listings until it basically becomes irrelevant. That's the additional benefit of a content marketing strategy.


There are a number of titles you can use, "listing manager" "listing consultant" "management consultant" and the list can go on as there are always new types of professions being created.


Hi, There are many digital marketers. I used many of them to promote my website http://locksmithnewyork.biz/ online.
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You can find them at onlinejobs.ph


Online Listing & Reputation Advisor


Online Marketing Director


Hi sherry,
You can use "Listing manager" and "reputation manager" for the same.

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