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What is your advice on choosing a company name?

So technically I have already registered a company name, it is a name I picked for my vacuum business which I dropped now. XXX Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

Then I went to a scale model business and everything is going well, so I am going to change the vacuum company name for my scale model business.

So here are my thoughts:

1. I pick up a name which is related to scale model business. Like XXX Scale Model Co., Ltd. or something. Which is easy for people to recognize what I do and sounds professional.

2. I pick up a name which is nothing related to any industry. Maybe Victoria Group or Victoria Organization Co., Ltd. or something so I can sell whatever I want, not just limited to scale models. And I just have different brands for each product line. The scale model is my main business. I might start a new business, like fashion or something else, but I'm not sure I will start in the near future.

Please kindly leave your thoughts about the name picking.

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I would be precise...

1) Easy to remember
2) No spelling confusions
3) Short
4) Unique
5) Represents your line of business or nature of the business
6) Can you register it as a trademark?

In your case, you need to decide if you are really going to add a new line of business within the existing company. Well, in that case, you may come up with a generic sounding name or something that at least depicts the nature of your business.

Victoria Group seems like a vague choice considering the modern naming considerations and sends a signal that your organization has a traditional mindset. If that's what you want this to reflect, you should go ahead with this.

Personally, I feel business should be focused on niche segments. For example, I name our business all unique... E.g.

1) Tutorcity - this is a tutor matching portal
2) ConsultEase LLP - Consulting services marketplace at https://www.consultease.com
3) VOCSO Technologies Pvt Ltd - Web/App/SEO company at https://www.vocso.com

One more thing that you need to understand, with your second approach, it will take a little more effort and money to brand your business in relevant niches as it does not directly reflect its nature or line of business. Hence extra time, effort and money to be spent. This, however, comes as a perk of choosing a relevant name as you indicated in your first option.

Hope this helps.


It has to be easily remembered. Something catchy. But, of course, it depends on the industry and its rules. I know that it is recommended to discuss on forums. Create a list of the names that you like and ask advice from people, preferably in your niche.

If it is an online business, Google search for your name. The search will give you what's already there. You may like the name, but what if the competition is way too high? It will be pretty hard to make it to the first place with your branded keyword.

Thanks a lot for the advice, Deepak.


How about I just call it Victoria Organization?

The site will be www.Victoria.com and when my enterprise becomes big and successful, I will make my name famous.

I don't recommend that, moreover, if you're going to register your company with the state, you will have to choose Ltd or LLC. This brings trust in your name. And I hope you do not seriously mean www.victoria.com.

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