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What is your company policy for providing alcoholic beverages in the office?

I've heard of many companies that have a beer cart or something similar go around the office and allow employees who are of age to enjoy an alcoholic beverage while on the clock. This event seems to occur most often on Fridays or maybe before a long holiday weekend.

My questions are, can any company offer this perk? There must be some liability involved. Do you need a license? If a company does decide to have beer or wine in the office, what should be included in the company policy to ensure the business is covered?

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This is included in the company policy and depends on where. Alcohol is forbidden everywhere. What you've heard of on Fridays are After Work Parties outside the company place.

Again about beer, I've heard and seen this offered by companies in the IT world, as part of thinking that you don't have to lose the freedom you had before as freelancer, which is many who are hired now.

Anonymous User

According to our company policy, alcohol is forbidden.

Exceptions are only activities after working time and some events, where employees are able to drink some alcoholic beverages.

But maybe some companies allow it.

Bridget Rogers,
Business Coach of Mcessay


For our company, no alcohol is accepted at the office or during working hours.
We, however, accept alcoholic drinks during parties and organizational events.

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