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What is your go-to software for e-sig?

I'm doing research on e-sig software and would like to hear input on what you think works well. We will be using it to send project agreements over to clients for signature. Ideally, we'd like to tie it into a payment page, too. I'm just wondering what you've found that works best. (Adobe, DocuSign, etc.)

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Our go to is DocuSign. But there are some questions to ask to get before you purchase:
1) Does it integrate fully with our systems? If you use a Project management system, Contract relationship Management (CRM) tool, ecommerce site or RFP proposal system, then does this integrate seamlessly or create more work?
a. Where is your starting point? If your starting point is a proposal then I would look for services that can be initiated from that service. Since you mentioned you use it for Project agreements, why not look at a solution like Proposify that includes project agreements with signatures? If your starting point is a CRM like Infusionsoft, then look for solutions that easily connect from that tool.
b. What is the next step? If it goes from signature to payment how will that integrate or what steps are required? Manual is okay for steps if you are processing a small number of contracts, but you want to invest in something that can grow with you. So this is important to ensure that whatever you set up will work for a long time – If you goal is lots of contracts. So know the goal at the end or the next step at least.

2) What is the cost per year, and how many new contracts do I need to sign to make up that difference?

3) What does the cost include? Some systems allow you to easily edit and send contract tests to yourself – others do not. First timers need to send themselves copies and test them out before sending them to a client because there is so many little details in these it is easy to miss one.

4) How many templates can you set up? Don’t use a system without templates if you have more than one person sending contracts or if you want to integrate it with your systems.

5) Does the price they are charging include all of the fields I need? DocuSign for example limits certain types of fields that are critical in some B2B unless you pay for a higher version.

6) Do they have a trial version? Always trial at least two types of this software. They work very differently, and because it is based on your business you won’t know if it is a fit without a good trial.

Hope that helps and reach out if you need more information.


We have been using Adobe for years. The only issue I ever find is people forget their password!


Hi Andrea - we've been using Right Signature from Citrix for years now. I think it works great. We signed up for new tax software this season, and they use DocuSign, which I have also used previously. So I would recommend either one.


I've used DocuSign and HelloSign and have found DocuSign to be more intuitive and use friendly


Hi Andrea,

I suggest to go with DocuSign becoz of its seemless integration as Third Party API with other web application and nice UI/UX. I have already used that and integrated the DocuSign with various third party web application (CRM and Healthcare).


I agree that DocuSign is a solid tool. It also integrates with Infusionsoft via Parsey, if that's needed. Here's the link: https://parsey.com/infusionsoft-docusign-integration?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=docusign


Hey Andrea,

I also recommend DocuSign. I have used it for both professional and business situations. Our realtor used this extensively when my wife and I bought our last house. Saved a ton of time and worked great. Good luck!

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